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TRADING IN THE ZONE by MARK DOUGLAS - Stock trading psychology - Think like a professional trader.

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Wise Phenomenal
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TRADING IN THE ZONE by MARK DOUGLAS - Stock trading psychology - Think like a professional trader.
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Trading mindset, trading psychology and thinking in terms of trading probability, all components of a professional stock trader.

Mark Douglas teaches how to think like a professional trader or as he puts it, Trading in the zone.

Freeing the mind of the many emotions encountered by the trader enables stock trading without fear and can be the differentiating factor between a professional trader and the other 90% that fail.

Professional trading strategies are easy to come by, professional trading psychology, not so easy...

A true understanding of probability in its simplest form provides the foundation for such a winning mindset and promotes trading discipline. This review of Trading In The Zone by Mark Douglas summarises the key messages from a very unique book.


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As a long term investor/trader I have consumed hundreds of financial books and endured countless hours of self education. My hope is that this channel will reduce the learning curve duration of many aspiring investors by providing the key information in a concise and enjoyable manner.

I also offer a paid subscription service for those looking to see all my investment decisions.https://www.financialwisdomtv.com/forum

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