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I Gave Up on The American Dream | The American Dream Is A Nightmare #Babylon | Episode 1

11 Views 26 May 2022

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In Part 1, "I Gave UP on The American Dream | The American Dream is a Nightmare," I share the Historical, Cultural, Socio-Economic, Racial Inequalities, and Geopolitical Perspectives of The American Dream. I also introduce two new characters The Ancestors & Your Consciousness.

In his video, Milton Craft shares Malcolm X鈥檚 quote, "The American Dream is a Nightmare." After listening to a video by Timothy Ward, I felt a rant RiSE UP in my spirit. I opted out of the American Dream in 1995 but like a bad toxic abusive relationship, America kept sucking me back in. My only regret is that I didn't truly quite the American Dream much sooner!

In 1995, I opted out of the American Dream. I would go back & forth on the dream.
Re-entering the nightmare throughout the years. In 2019, I gave up for good or so I thought. I tried one more time to achieve the dream鈥ecause I am not a quitter. I don鈥檛 give up, especially without a fight. My regret is that I didn鈥檛 quit & break up with the dream sooner. Like a bad breakup or a hostile abusive relationship, America & the American Dream kept sucking the life out of me and sucking me back in. But what鈥檚 a strong black woman to do?
I must confess
I AM Tired
I Quit
I Give Up
And you should too
For many black folks living in the US, the American Dream is nothing more than an illusion and nightmare lived in our waking hours. If Morpheus hasn鈥檛 shown up yet to give you a choice between the red or the blue pill, let this be your wake-up call.

Ian Bremmer, author of "Us vs. Them: The Failure of Globalism," argues If you are part of the working Middle class, your life has not improved in the last 40 years. We have taken hundreds of millions of people out of poverty around the world over the course of the past decades. The rise of capitalistic markets & the success of governments have come due to open borders and free trade agreements like NAFTA. You have lost a lot of opportunities in the west. The US has created much greater structural inequality. Your life has not improved in the last 40 years. You feel like the American Dream no longer applies to you.

The US economy is growing but the trickle-down is not trickling down to the middle class and working poor. The 1% and rich are continuing to gain. The rich own the majority of farmland & businesses while small businesses are underfunded and stifled.

Breaking up with the American Dream Is not easy. You can choose to give up on the American Dream & opt-out of this illusionist capitalistic invented nightmare just like I did. You can choose to have your own dream. You can choose a dream not based on society, marketing, capitalism, or cultural indoctrination but Instead Craft the Life you desire.

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