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The Dark Side of YouTube @Oshay Duke Jackson @Kwame Brown Bust Life @Tommy Sotomayors Live Podcast

16 Views· 28 Jun 2021
Above All That Drama

What is the dark side of YouTube? As a new YouTuber, what is a huge lesson that you might have to learn the hard way? In this video, I talk to you about my frustration with this lesson, and, at the end, I discuss the apparent solution.

I let anyone come on my channel to shout themselves out and put the links to their channels in the comment section of my live streams so that they can get some subscribers. I do collaborations with YouTubers with channels smaller than mine. All I want is for you to have a successful channel--there are so many of us in this community with such valuable stories to tell.

I was asked a question: What do I attribute the success of my channel to? Here, in this video, I answer that question, and then give you the biggest upshot that you should take away if you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel.

Shout out to the content creators mentioned in this video:

The Big Bro: @Oshay Duke Jackson
@Kwame Brown Bust Life
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@Roberto Blake

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