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When will mortgage rates leading to a global food crisis?

UNexpected WALMART Closings around the country- (WAKE UP!!)

⚠️ WARNING. SELL EVERYTHING NOW. The Worst Housing Market Crash of 2022 is Coming
👉 https://youtu.be/GPN6nNpJ_60

STOCKPILE THESE NOW Before its Out of Stock and WWIII - Canadian Prepper

👉 https://youtu.be/hNxUvPXUWOQ

Panic Sweeps Across Energy Supply Chains As Shortages Push Prices In Economy To Stratospheric Levels - Epic Economist

Empty Shelves & Prepper Pantry Haul #SHTF

Headed over to Walmart right now to pick up a few items to top off my prepper pantry and Walmart grocery haul and store tour. As you consume your foods, you have to remember to replace them and store them in the right order to make sure the oldest food get's eaten first. Purina cat food, dog food and pet food shelves where empty at Walmart. I was watching the news today and the bond market is flashing a warning sign a recession may be coming. This got me concerned as I was reading through the comments of my previous video just how many people are living on a fixed income during these borderline hyperinflationary times. Comment below if you or someone that you know is living on a fixed income, you can just say yes or no... Many people are telling me i can't even afford to buy groceries... If everything is getting more and more expensive, but your fixed income is staying the same, then mathematically speaking, it's impossible to keep up with these grocery and gas prices. These inversions in the bond market have been reliable predictors of past recessions. Of course, history is not guarantee of future outcomes, but history is one of the best crystal balls that we have available to us. Part of the yield curve inverted on Monday. Some of you may be wondering what the heck an inverted yield curve is... When I was a kid, my grandmother used to give us these bonds as gifts. We got bonds for either $50 or $100 each. These bonds would be worth the face value after 10 years if I am not mistaken. I am not sure if these bonds came in any other denominations, but that's what we got as kids. Maybe you have given bonds as a gift... Anyway... when the bond market is healthy, yields are higher for bonds with a longer time to maturity.

Global Food Shortages 2022 Will Take The Economy Down - Economic Ninja

For example, a 10-year Treasury bond would carry a higher yield (or, interest rate) than a one-year Treasury.

In other words, short-term yields are lower than long-term yields. Investors expect a bigger reward for lending their money for a longer time, giving the “yield curve” an upward sloping shape. So anyway, these yield curve inversions in the bond market have been reliable predictors of past recessions, so you guys need to be prepared. Egg prices are expected to continue to rise just in time for Easter as more states are hit by an outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza A. It is also threatening to raise prices on other poultry products in the coming months as deaths continue to climb. So far, cases of the highly pathogenic avian influenza have led to the deaths of more than 17 million birds, reports said, making it the worst bird flu outbreak since 2015, when nearly 50 million birds were slaughtered or died. H5N1 bird flu viruses have been detected in wild birds and commercial and backyard poultry in 24 states, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspective Service. But this bird flu is not helping prices. Standard practice in the poultry industry is to destroy all infected and exposed birds to stop the spread of the virus, meaning there are far fewer egg-laying hens to meet the upcoming demand for Easter eggs.

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