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Oh Great! Look at my Magic Pork chop & Chicken Breast...!

11 Views· 18 Jun 2021

Email me short approx 1 minute videos of any magnets sticking to meat. logicbeforeauthority@gmail.com (Also text me the words "Magnet Meat Email" so I will know to check for your email video...
Text me pictures of magnets or metal sticking to meet... (843) 284-3343 (Include as much of your message in 1 text, remember if you text me 5 times and 1000 others text me 5 times.... that makes my phone go insane. So put ALL your message in one text...

8 ways to support Daniel's work: (Understand, I offer multiple different ways including ways that do not even cost you a dime so that I might.. just might be able to provide for my self monthly and may even be able to prepare for the days coming that I can see.)
1. A direct tip or donation via: https://www.paypal.me/logicbeforeauthority
2. CashApp Link: http://WWW.cash.app/$LogicBeforeAuthority
3. Venmo Link: https://venmo.com/u/Daniel-Cannon-26
4. Become a monthly supporter via: https://www.patreon.com/LogicBeforeAuthority
5. LogicBeforeAuthority Teespring Store: https://operationradiation.creator-spring.com
AND #OperationRadiation T-Store: https://teespring.com/stores/operationradiation ( I am adding more designs )
6. Amazon: Cost to you $0 if you just simply visit my Amazon store prior to buying anything you want on Amazon and your pay nothing extra.. My Amazon Store Link: www.amazon.com/shop/logicbeforeauthority
7. If you need a Grid Down solution for refrigerating/freezing food, this unique 1 of a kind refrigerator fits the bill. You can get it on Amazon but if you buy it via my link, I have arranged a 10% off coupon with the guys at the company. They are subscribers of my channel.
LINK: https://aco.fan/2F0k6sB
10% Discount Code: LogicBeforeAuthority
8. MAIL:
Daniel Alexander Cannon
PO Box 5
Loris SC

Thank you in advance for supporting truth and my effort to keep getting it out. I am looking at ways to further expand right now as well. So stay tuned. We are just getting started.
Daniel Alexander Cannon

EMAIL ME: logicbeforeauthority@gmail.com


MY WEBSITES: (Under RE-Construction)

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