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black people you have to uit voting for the same people

11 Views· 09 Dec 2021

⁣black people you have to uit voting for these people over and over because they look like you and because they look like you they let those who look like you do you the most harm. 4100 shooting incidents in chgo 2021 and 95% are by niggas killing themselves , black people , and sometimes others. and this is only chgo. multiply this by at least half the states in the union which is 50,525 out of which 30,000 may die i know the count may be off a little , but even if its 1 these coon ass dem politicians aren't doing shit to address this . they've even sat by while biden put travel restrictions on african countries for omicron , but not one white country, even though the lie they made saying it came from africa holds true, and this came from europe, but only a very few if any said anything. these destructive animals and mushmouth negro politicians have to be silenced

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 1 month ago

#Shared Great content Laz!!!

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