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The Delphi Murders - Episode 01 - ‘The Precipice’

36 Views· 07 May 2021

Part 1 of 2 (Ellis/French Theory)

Warning**This episode features outdated info. I’ve left it up because it’s a good theory and the developing narrative deserves to be scrutinized as an investigator.

On February 13, 2017 Liberty German and Abigail Williams were abducted and murdered while walking the Monon Highbridge Trail in Delphi Indiana.
After nearly 4 years, there have been no suspects, no answers and no information released concerning the case. Why? Well, i have a theory that seems to make the most sense.

Audio of Gabriel Ellis VS The bridge guy.


Carroll County Petition.


All Eyes on Delphi FB GROUP! Join us.



On Monday February 13, 2017 two teenagers were abducted and murdered at the Monon high bridge trail in Delphi, Indiana.
The case broke the hearts of the entire world.
At first, it seemed like things were fairly routine in the investigation. LE were quick to seal all records pertaining to the case, supposedly in an attempt to ‘prevent the killer from gathering information’.
But what if I told you that there is more to this? It’s been nearly 4 years and we are no closer to a suspect. But have the Carroll County officials been hiding something? Why would they?
Scripture says that Money is the root of ALL evil.
With ALL of the corruption scandals going on right now in Indiana under the leadership of Eric Holcomb, Carroll County better get its act together.
Our group has obtained proof of high ranking city council members in Delphi that are currently working the ropes of the city. They feed themselves while the tax payers get NOTHING but the bill. Drug dealers remain out of prison with total immunity. Murderers and rapists go without one agency giving a damn about it. Yet Leazenby consoles the county with empty words.
He KNOWS that the bridge guy is Gabriel Ellis, a habitual offender, drug dealer, rapist, Sex Offender AND presumed murderer.
Ellis is currently locked up at the Howard County Jail and will not be released until March 2029. His name has been changed to Inmate #11215

Rigging elections, real estate fraud, prostitution, sex trafficking, money laundering, racketeering, arson, and murder. It is this very corruption that they conspire to hide behind.

Stay tuned for more things that our group has found out about the County. The community that has done everything they can to hide the fact that they have the bridge guy in custody. Why? Because the federal investigation into the murders will inevitably lead to members of the county government.

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