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Workers Reveal What It's Really Like To Work At KFC

7 Views· 05 Feb 2022
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Most people have passed through a Kentucky Fried Chicken at least once or twice in their life. The company's “finger lickin' good,” 11 herbs and spices packed recipe is a classic, their sides are copycat-worthy, and their TV ads are hilariously over the top. But have you ever thought about what it's actually like to work for Colonel Sanders?

Turns out, it isn’t all free fried chicken and conveyor belt cooking. If you’ve ever been curious about the inner workings of your favorite fried chicken joint, stay tuned, as workers reveal what it's really like to work at KFC.

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KFC's real, working kitchen | 0:00
Fry cooking can get really messy | 0:44
Large orders | 1:30
Food waste | 2:33
Intoxicated customers | 3:38
Higher Education | 4:24
Stressful Drive-Thrus | 5:07
Fresh vs Fast | 5:54
Special bucket fills | 7:00
Worker perks | 7:48
Combination Taco Bell | 8:27
Secret employee games | 9:17

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