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Holo Port: Host The New Internet & Earn Money Monthly

3 Views· 23 Jun 2022

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Join Holo & Build an Internet that Works for All!

What if no one stood between you and your data or dictated how you connect with friends, family, and community? Holo is a peer-to-peer network for hosting web applications. This creates a “cloud” run -- and owned -- by users like you and me.

Holo's Foundation
Apps available on Holo are built on Holochain, an alternative to blockchain technology that is 1) massively faster, 2) more energy efficient, 3) more scalable, and 4) ten thousand times cheaper!

Host the Network & Get Rewarded in Cryptocurrency
Host people's data on Holo and get paid in our cryptocurrency, Holo fuel. Holo fuel can be used to pay hosts for data storage and processing. Plus, it makes in-app purchases and micro payments easy.

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