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how to do travel nurse airbnb short term rental arbitrage

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Have you ever wondered how you can do travel nurse, airbnb and short term rentals without owning the house. In today's video let's go inside a new property I'm looking to do airbnb arbitrage or short term rental arbitrage. That's where we work with landlords to rent their property on a long term lease. We then turn around and rent the property out to short term tenants and we collect the profit in the middle. We agree to pay the rent to the landlord and manage the short term tenants coming and going. The reason I'm focusing on this real estate investing strategy is according to redfin, real estate prices are the highest they've ever been. We're at the top of the market. So we must learn how to pivot and adjust to every real estate market. Let's see inside the house and run the numbers and further meet to owners to see how they'd like to proceed..
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00:00- Intro
1:20 - US housing market update and prices
2:30 - What is AirBnB arbitage or Short Term Rental Arbitrage explained
4:20 - Let's go inside the house to estimate what repairs are needed for short term rental
6:55 - What can you do with wall paper
7:40 - Here are the numbers on this short term rental
10:40 - Let's look at the bathroom repairs to bring it up to Airbnb rent ready
13:50 - What does the owner and landlord want in this real estate deal

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