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Auto-Pilot Runs From Police, Crashes Into Cop Car | San Diego

17 Views· 27 Jul 2021
Above All That Drama

07.10.2021 | 01:38 AM | SAN DIEGO - The wrong-way driver in the silver Honda was westbound in the eastbound lanes and hit a Mazda. The accident caused a minor injury to the driver of the Mazda and serious injury to the wrong-way driver. A passenger in the wrong-way vehicle died upon impact. Both drivers were transported to a local hospital. CHP shut down the westbound lanes with a hard closure at Carmel Country Rd to investigate the accident.Accident #2. While two CHP had the westbound lanes closed, a white Tesla blew past both officers and their vehicles, and they gave pursuit of the Tesla. The officers radioed ahead to warn the other officers, firefighters, and CalTrans employees of the Tesla coming their way. The Tesla crashed into the back of a CHP SUV, missing an officer by a few feet. the Tesla almost hit a Fire Truck. Inside the Tesla were two women. The passenger received serious injuries and was transported to a local hospital. The driver was tested and arrested for failing the DUI testing. She told the officers that she put the Tesla on AUTO-PILOT and went to sleep as the car sped down the highway.

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