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Here's the real reason black women dislike Kevin Samuels! (modern women 2021)

8 Views· 24 Nov 2021
Wise Phenomenal

00:00 - Why don’t black women like Kevin Samuel? And is he helping or hurting the black community?
00:49 - The ladies debate about women’s weight and mens preferences
02:48 - Why arent men attracted to BBW’s
03:38 - Women always think they’re the exception!
04:59 - The ladies ask the fellows their thoughts on Kevin Samuels
06:08 - theres no way Kevin Samuels could ever like a black women!
06:49 - If a man critiques a woman he hates his mother!
07:08 - Yall are not our Mom’s!
07:41 - Kevin Samuels is gay!
08:09 - Would the ladies support a female Kevin Samules?
08:38 - Jail TikTok??
08:50 - Would the ladies support a female Kevin Samules? contined
09:18 - When you lie women buy? Derrick Jaxn is gay?

Watch the full video here https://youtu.be/lyhZzZ6rtvU

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