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02 Sep 2021

Create a free account and check out a phone so you can start using it and getting familiar before sharing. Watch this video first to get familiar👇🏽https://youtu.be/uGcwFQlrXmgSign up for a free account at 👇🏽https://clearunited.com/r/ledawnComment “done” once you’re in so I can add you to the Facebook group.If you want to buy a phone, message me first to tell me which one and to make sure you see “ledawn” on the checkout screen. Why are people all around the world ditching their Apple and BIGTech phone and ordering a #CLEARPHONEHere's just a few reasons...ClearGM protection - blocks adds and malware. Keeps your information private and does not share without your permissionMilitary Grade - off the grid, can’t be hacked or cloned ClearScan Vitals scans your stress levels, oxygenation, heart rate, etcClearShare Network - next cloud distributed storageClearHome protection - peace and mind your home is safe and secureClearCommunity - come interact like Facebook but no censorship!ClearDID contacts - communicate with contacts using decentralized IDClearld security secure way to own validate and prove your identity to anyone anywhereClearWeb Browser - search freelyClearToken - a decentralized earning platform to unite all people ClearNode Storage blockchain platform marketplaceClearRewards - comes with an opportunity to earn cash and refer friends.ClearPay - convert your earnings to cash, commodities, silver, gold, bitcoin etcFinancing available

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