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Pro-Black Babblers Love Caping for Bill Cosby

168 Views· 26 Sep 2018
Gee Dizzle

Talking about how the pro-black babblers have been out in full force making excuses for #BillCosby after he was sentenced to jail today.
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Diagraph150 4 years ago

Nothing of substance here. Moving on.

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commonman80 4 years ago

This Guy Is What's Known As A WHITE MANS COON PET.. He Was Well Bred By His White Masters.. Everything That's Coming Out Of His Mouth? Is EXACTLY WHAT HIS WHITE MASTERS SAY.. This White Mans Pet Nigger? Is Just Like All The Other Nigger White Mans Pets.. Meaning? He Stands Behind The Fence Of His White Masters And Barks And Growls At All The Free People On The Other Side Of The Fence..

He KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING About The Legacy Of Bill Cosby.. He Only Knows What His White Masters HAVE TRAINED HIM TO "THINK"... Because If He Had Half A Critical Thinking BRAIN CELL? He'd Realize That Bill Cosby Was Convicted ON 100% HEARSAY FROM WHITE NEANDERTHAL DEMON BECKYS. And A Couple Of Neanderthal Demon Becky WANNA BEES..

But He Feels That Because His Skin Is Of The Same Color Of The Original Human? He Has Some Sort Of Birth Right To Spew His Ignorance Among The Nations Of The True Human Beings.. This IMBECILE Is Part Of The Problem.. This is Why When You Run Across These WHITE MANS GUARD DOGS You Should Do What Ever It Take To Stop Them From Attacking Our People..

To Include Taking Them The Fuck Out.. And? When You Do? I Wouldn't Worry About It.. Because Just Like All The Other Neanderthal Demons Pets? They'll Not Give A Fuck.. And? Just Get Themselves Another One.. The Idea Is To Cause This Sect Of Humanity To Become Extinct.. So The Rest Of True Humanity Can Continue To Evolve And Prosper.. It's Just The Facts Of Nature.. IE? The Thinning Of The Herds.. So To Speak...

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 4 years ago

I just washed my cape..it's fresh out the dryer.

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