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California in the flames of wildfire - Estates worth tens of millions burned to the ground

14 Views· 02 Jun 2022
Shala Yisrael

Overview of weather and natural events around the World.
What is happening in this world: natural disasters on the planet of Earth.
The latest news about weather events and disasters.

A powerful wildfire broke out in Laguna Niguel, in Southern California. The fire started in Aliso Creek Canyon and quickly spread over a large area. A strong wind from the sea contributed to the rapid spread of fire.
Soon the flames reached Laguna Niguel, where expensive houses and villas are located. At least 32 houses were engulfed in flames and most of them burned to the ground. About a hundred more houses were saved as a result of the actions of fire brigades.
Laguna Beach Fire Chief Mike Garcia says there is no immediate threat to Laguna Beach from the plant fire burning in Laguna Niguel and is asking residents to remain vigilant. Despite this, a voluntary evacuation order has been issued in Laguna Beach. In total, the fire area is about 200 hectares (494 acres).
Police have launched an investigation into the cause of the fire.

The channel presents such weather events and natural disasters as:

1. Water: rain, hail, snowfall, flood, mudflow, tsunami, high tide, heavy rainfall, snow, huge waves, river flooding, dam overflow, ice flood, snowfall.
2. Fire: fire, forest fire, volcanic lava, lightning.
3. Earth: earthquake, landslide, rockfall, sinkhole.
4. Air: tornado, hurricane, wind, cyclone, storm, typhoon, sandstorm, tropical storm.
5. Space: lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, planetary parade, asteroid, comet, planet, satellite, meteorite, UFO, fireball in the sky, space debris, full moon, ISS, space exploration, Space X, NASA.
6. Nature: animals, insects, plants, climatic zones, natural events and phenomena.

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