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Queen Ma'at Girl Vs. Black America: Victimhood Goes Viral In Black USA, Not Courage & The D

1 Views· 07 Jun 2022

It's debate time once again on the front lines of the information war. Topic: Playing the victim is a viral success in black America, not courage to do the right thing, and stand for something, and certainly not the all mighty dollar! How many black owned business, and small content creators do you know that can gain the trust plus support to go viral in black America, when they don't conform to dangerous group think, and the victimhood narrative like say a Nike corporation pushes?

If you disagree with me, I'm calling you out to a scholastic debate! $100 or better will be paid to the winner on me via cash app. Are you up to the challenge?

#QueenMaatGirlTv #JohnathanIsaac #blackbusiness #blackdollars

Book recommendation: Black Snow Flakes. How the black victim narrative ruins black males. https://www.amazon.com/Black-S....nowflakes-Liberal-Vi

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