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Black Men Should Beat Black Women ll Shemeka Michelle Says

10 Views· 31 Dec 2021

This is Shemeka Michelle who was being interviewed, said Dave Chappelle's stand up show The Closer included everyone who is an enemy to the black man except for the black women. She says that black men should beat black women who claim they don't need a man.

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This is your uncle Raulh of Please Act Right. During my years of dating I have come to realize there are a lot of women out there who don’t truly understand what relationships, marriage or having a husband is really about. When you love someone you can not be selfish. You will want that person to be as happy as you want to be yourself. Your spouse is not your child. I hear so many people say that once they get married they never want to get divorced, divorce is not an option. However, I watch women enter into a relationship and make their significant other/husband work entirely too hard to keep the peace between the two. My videos are to help people understand why most women lose their man from the mans perspective. If you truly want your marriage to work or save your marriage, you have to understand it’s not going to go exactly the way you saw it in your dreams as you were growing up. Marriage is for grown folks and only grown folks can make it work.
#Pleaseactright #Idontneedaman #Blackwomen

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