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7 Views· 18 Jun 2021

⁣dr."-zev" zelenko-jab-death-count-death-by-government-tyranny-censored-real-solutions

"⁣"Dr "Zev" Zelenko discusses the reality with the experimental gene editing "vaccine" that is killing thousands of Americans while our health agencies are paying for propaganda to lie to citizens on its safety and effectiveness. Unfortunately, the jab is neither safe nor effective. He claims the right to informed consent is no longer being respected worldwide. Dr. "Zev" is the creator of the Zelenko protocol that has saved hundred of thousands of lives worldwide. He has been nominated for the Noble peace prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and now provides counsel to multiple governments, hospitals, physicians, and public figures. You can learn more about him and his work at https://vladimirzelenkomd.com/"

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