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Still In The Church Then -- Do Your Homework

32 Views· 08 Feb 2019
B L Carter

Sister B L Carter clarifies her position on churches - which is we all have a right to spirituality, and we all come into knowledge and awakening at different intervals. In the interim, she has been exposing the wickedness widespread in the church. In this video, she clarifies it is not all churches, and references a few who seemed to display a true heartfelt desire to serve the who they believe is the Creator as well as the people in their mission field.

Sis Carter also makes recommendations on how the mind and behavior controlling entity of "church" can be used to catapult people to a better standing and position in life...if leaders would take that position. Instead of what it has become - a manner by which to manipulate and drain people of their time, talents, and treasure while a select few are benefiting.

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