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When Black On Black Becomes Your Own Worse Enemy It Pleases Our Real Enemies

28 Views· 04 Nov 2021
Shala Yisrael

⁣When Black On Black Becomes Your Own Worse Enemy, It Pleases Our Real Enemies

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mindtaker 2 months ago

its not their fault they were raised poorly. blame their black parents.

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sly35965 3 months ago

"Greetings, A Strong/Balance Minded Man Wouldn't Allow Himself To Be Provoke Into A Physical Confrontation With Non-Sensical Verbal Expressions...That's A Feminine Behavior Women Illustrate Among Themselves Share...Thanks."

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Derrick Smith
Derrick Smith 3 months ago

Just nigger action for white people. You so the pigs just looks at them like nigger just killed each Already

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 3 months ago

White peoples: "If you don't handle your black problem...we certainly will".

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David 3 months ago

It's not the Hebrews that our the problem it's the NIggers that we let thrive in the community that are the problem.

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