All flesh is being corrupted
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The bible explains that during the days of Noah "All flesh was is being corrupted." We are living in those days today. This used to be a conspiracy theory but today it is normal practice and for those who do not get it they are ostracized and cancelled. Elohim destroyed the world during the days of Noah not only because it was morally corrupt, but because the people "flesh" had been altered, corrupted, changed and we are rapidly headed towards that today.

"and the sons of men in those days took from the cattle of the earth, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air, and taught the mixture of animals of one species with the other, in order therewith to provoke Yahuah; and Elohim saw the whole earth and it was corrupt, for all flesh had corrupted its ways upon earth, all men and all animals.
"And Yahuah said, I will blot out man that I created from the face of the earth, yea from man to the birds of the air, together with cattle and beasts that are in the field for I repent that I made them." Jasher 4:18-19

“But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Matthew 24:37-39

"And lawlessness increased on the earth and all flesh corrupted its way, men and cattle alike and beasts and birds and everything that walks on the earth" Jubilees 5:3

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USA: All-black NFAC militia members march on Lafayette in armed rally
Above All That Drama
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Some 400 members of "Not Fucking Around Coalition" (NFAC) all-black militia brandished their semi-automatic rifles as they marched on the streets of Lafayette in Louisiana on Saturday.

Headed by their leader, John 'Grandmaster Jay' Johnson, NFAC were protesting the August 21 shooting death of Trayford Pellerin.

The rally was mostly peaceful and only one member of the militia was reportedly arrested after his firearm accidentally discharged during the march.

NFAC which was reportedly formed in response to police brutality against African-Americans in the US is an Atlanta-based paramilitary group made of mostly veterans.

Video ID: 20201004-016

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New Black Panther Party holding Ga. rally, calling for justice in death of Ahmaud Arbery trial
Above All That Drama
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The Lion of Judah Armed Forces and the New Black Panther Party are both outside the courtroom where closing arguments are ongoing.

Digibyte Blockchain: Interview with Founder Jared Tate
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Interview with Founder of DigiByte Blockchain Jared Tate.

Some Of My Best Friends Are….
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some thoughts

Year in Review with Dr Randy Short
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A look back at the year 2021. What have we learned? What predictions came to pass and more.

YAHzwill YAHudah
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A Racist Judge Of Louisiana
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So in Lafayette, Louisiana, a state judge by the name of Michelle Odinet, is joking about a black man on footage in her house on television getting caught. And even saying the N Word with her son, I'm assuming he's a police officer.

Importance of Watching Our Mouths on Social Media
Black Mind
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Already a comment is showing me how this can spill over into real life among adults.
#FromTheBottomOfMyBlackHeart and #FromTheDepthsOfMyBlackMind. #Colorism. #Goldensphere.
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Recklessness of BSIA
Black Mind
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This is regarding a grudge between a YouTuber named Black Skin is Amazing We ADOS Males Da Greatest and some MLS content creators, including Carl Williams.
#FromTheBottomOfMyBlackHeart and #FromTheDepthsOfMyBlackMind. #Colorism. #Goldensphere.
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Golden Priorities
Black Mind
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Did you lose sight of the important things?
#FromTheBottomOfMyBlackHeart and #FromTheDepthsOfMyBlackMind. #Goldensphere.
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Update: I would apologize for my girlfriend's/wife's voice in the background but I'm just not nice enough to apologize for that. Before anyone gets smart and tries to report me for an illegal relationship in this region, my girlfriend and wife are the same woman.

What Do You Get If We Stay?
Black Mind
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CJ NBM asked what the winner of the gender war gets. Before I hear the video, I have to try to answer and then I have a question of my own.
#FromTheDepthsOfMyBlackMind. #DontApproachHer. #GenderWar.
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One-Sided Accountability
Black Mind
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#FromTheBottomOfMyBlackHeart and #FromTheDepthsOfMyBlackMind. #DontApproachHer.
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CJ NBM, Busyrand, & #DontApproachHer
Black Mind
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Busyrand left a powerful comment yesterday, but it became visible to me today just in time to answer CJ NBM.
#FromTheBottomOfMyBlackHeart and #FromTheDepthsOfMyBlackMind. #DontApproachHer.
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Dr Venus Opal Reese, Apology Accepted, But...
Black Mind
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Shout out to Dr. T Hasan Johnson for this. I am not speaking for other brothas until the part about teaching younger women and us not being deities. Her apology is on his channel at

TYRANT ALERT: MPD Officer Christopher Lange Tackles 65-year-old Troy Billups In Aldi's Store
Joseph Miner
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🗒PBM Police Incident Report: Video capturing the moment a Minneapolis officer tackled a 64-year-old Black man inside an Aldi store has gone viral on social media.

The incident took place at the Aldi and the video begins with the man, who identified himself as Troy Lee Billups, telling Officer Christopher Lange: "Don't put your hands on me!"Lange is seen grabbing Billups by the collar and shoving him face down into a nearby counter.

Lange then throws Billups to the ground and the pair struggle for more than a minute as the man repeatedly tells the officer not to touch him.
At one point, the officer tells a bystander that Billups is being arrested "because he's obstructing."

The officer later takes Billups outside and when the person filming catches up to them near a patrol car, they appear to be discussing an alleged altercation that led up to the incident. "You shouldn't have put your hands on me," Billups tells the officer. "We weren't fighting, we was talking. We weren't pushing. We didn't touch each other. Only I just said, 'Don't put your hands on me.'" Moments later Lange places Billups in handcuffs. Billups was arrested and booked for obstructing the legal process with force.

According to a police report submitted by Lange, he was working off-duty security when he stepped in to stop an altercation he witnessed. "One of the parties started to actively resist the officer after being told to leave and still actively resisted when informed he was under arrest," the report says. "The male was arrested and booked at the Hennepin County Jail." Online records from the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office show Billups was released from custody. Court records show the case against him was dismissed by prosecutors.

In his arrest report, Lange wrote: "An officer working off-duty security witnessed an altercation take place at the listed address and attempted to stop it. One of the parties started to actively resist the officer after being told to leave and still actively resisted when informed he was under arrest."

Police Department spokesman Garrett Parten said. Departmental policy states that while off-duty, officers are technically working as "employees" in a civilian capacity. They may still be in uniform and make arrests.

According to MPD policy, if an officer is issued a disciplinary action in relation to off-duty employment, it may be grounds for suspending, denying or revoking their permission to work off-duty. Lange has been investigated for misconduct five times since 2019, records show. None of the investigations resulted in disciplinary action.

Source: Rahman, K., (2021, December). Who Is Troy Billups? Outrage as Black Man Tackled by Minneapolis Officer in Viral Video.

Source: St. Louis, C., (2021, December). Video shows Minneapolis officer's forceful arrest of Black man, 64. Star Tribune.

*Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only.

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The Black Race Must Be Like Thanos
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future of the black race

White Supremacy On Coke
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As she was walking along to her neighbor's house a white man, i'm assuming he gay, came out of the middle of nowhere, call the black woman n****r numerous times. Daring her to call the cops.

*NEWFACE  MAGAZINE  LV MEDIA  FEATURING:  FOI/NOI's Finest, Goalden Chyld, Featuring Rizza Isla
NewFace Magazine LV Media
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⁣It's time for The Real Men to take back the community by all means
necessary. The Future is what we make it by what we do today! We
Rise together, We fall together in the name of Allah, Success is
inevitable! Let's go get 'em once and for all!

*Courtesy Digital Clip & light content by Goalden Chyld/Nation of
Islam/Directed by D_Roe in shared with NewFace Magazine LV!

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*WAR (Official Video) - officialgc.comDirected By: D.Roe @d_roeProduced By: Tang 47 Productions @tang47productionsDirector of Photography: PDai @pdaiproProduction Designer: Azaria @gawdnessPA: @rebelscopezBTS Photographer: @al.nativeLINK TO DONATE

Search Intensifies For Missing New Jersey Teen Jashyah Moore
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Saturday, the search intensified for a missing teenage girl from New Jersey. Jashyah Moore was last seen more than three weeks ago at a deli in East Orange; CBS2's Lisa Rozner reports.

Unite the Right Trial: Fmr. HBCU Professor and White Supremacist takes stand
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In great contrast to Richard Spencer's semantic snarky tone, the next witness called by the plaintiff is the very loud and thunderous Dr. Michael Hill. An academic doctor, Hill taught British history for decades at the historically Black Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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