FLIPPING THE SCRIPT: when whiteness isn't the standard... this is gold ?
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I wish you all a happy and blessed week ahead 🥰. Credits: @clarabellecwb (tiktok) . Yesterday's video: frobenius: Back up channel: you for your continuous support. God bless you 🌹❤️ CONTACT ME🦋Instagram: @ivieanita 🦜Twitter: @ivieAnita_ 📧: ✊🏾

Misgendering a Baby | Kiry Shabazz | Stand Up Comedy
Above All That Drama
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Kiry Shabazz talks about his step-dad's issues with gender pronouns and explains his reason for wearing glasses in a hipster neighborhood.

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Written and Performed by Kiry Shabazz

Executive Producers: Kyle Kazanjian-Amory and Brett Kushner
Directed By: Gordie Earle III and Brad Silnutzer
Director of Photography: Mark I. Davis
Gaffer and Cam Operator: Michael Tellup

Cam Operators:
Gordie Earle III
Mark I. Davis
Kyle Kazanjian-Amory
Tommy Anderson

Editor: Gordie Earle III
Color Correction: Wes Knapp
Sound Recording: Brian Biancardi
Sound Mix: Ryan Meadows

Producer: Brad Silnutzer
Production Coordinator: Megan Hunter
Live Event Producer: Jay Bode
Photographer: Ally Seagrave

Special Thanks: Our gracious hosts, Movement Warehouse


Ali Siddiq - Prison Riot - This Is Not Happening - Uncensored
Above All That Drama
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Ali Siddiq finds himself in a tough spot when he realizes that he's completely unprepared for an impending prison riot.

He said the N-word, then this….
ALLEGED YouTube employee playing dangerous games
Above All That Drama
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ALLEGED YouTube employee Christopher Cukor harasses Black man, calls the what end?

Mike Tyson is Right Behind You
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Few athletes in American history are more interesting than Mike Tyson. He has lived many lives, so we thought it would be fun to ask people walking by our theater what they think about him without knowing that while they talk, Mike Tyson is right behind them. #NBAFinals #GameNight

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Best way to leave a situation
White Fight Series
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White Fight Series
Above All That Drama
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White Fight Series
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White Fight Series
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Molly Wop

White Fight Series
Above All That Drama
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Molly Wop

White Fight Series
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Karens Who Got What They DESERVED.. #1
Above All That Drama
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In this video we show you karen complications which include karens get owned, karens in the wild, karen videos, entitled karen, karen getting owned by police, karen arrested by police

TOP 10 BEST Entitled & Angry Karen's Who Got OWNED! #3 Public Freakout Videos
TOP 25 BEST Entitled & Angry Karen's Who Got OWNED! #19 Sneaky Trends
TOP 10 BEST Entitled Karen's Who Got OWNED! #14 Retail Nightmares
Karen Debate Gets HEATED Over WHAT - indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey
Karen DESTROYS Loud Lamborghini... Karma
Racist Karen Gets INSTANT KARMA after this.. Illusive
Karen Attacks Neighbor after this.. Illusive
When A Karen Goes To Prison.. Illusive

Dad Gives Adorable Baby Boo A Taste of His Own Medicine
Shala Yisrael
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⁣Dad Gives Adorable Baby Boo A Taste of His Own Medicine

Gay KKK From The Chappelle Show
Above All That Drama
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Gay KKK Member
From The Dave Chappelle Show

That Booty Stank
Above All That Drama
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Source of the video:
Song: Baby Girl by Doo Gang


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