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12 Views · 4 months ago

#B1 #roevwade #kevinsamuels #ukrainewar #billgates #elonmusktwitter #eugenics #policeshooting #davechappell attacked
Democrats and their #antiblack policy is causing them to loose . CIA lies and history of lies. Eugenics movement tried to kill off black people but they killed themselves. Black people are Leaving the moral standards of religion is that hurting or families or is it making us more competitive?
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Supermike Fard
14 Views · 5 months ago

Its alot going on we need to talk about. Tune in saturday 9pm EST lets deal with it youtube, facebook and twitch.

Supermike Fard
2 Views · 5 months ago

We KNOW this is a divide and conquer trick. Why keep falling for the emotional trigger?

Supermike Fard
1 Views · 6 months ago

#blackhistory and what we belive about it informs our collective decision making about modern time

Supermike Fard
12 Views · 6 months ago

One of the biggest and most effective deception techniques is to fake ignorance. Black folks often assume white people simply require education on racism. They dont BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN. Ida B. Wells, Thomas Fortune and many of the black freedom workers are studied by whites more than black people

Supermike Fard
10 Views · 6 months ago

#reparations #savemasontn #abolishthepolice

Supermike Fard
15 Views · 7 months ago

#democratshateblackpeople #mosby #massincarceration #defundpolice #bidenhatesamerica
All the black people who supported democrats that hate mass incareceration your "lesser evil " wants to kill you with a smile. 🏃🏿‍♀️💨☺️🗡🗡😃💉💉😂🔥🔥. Biden and his boot licks 🥾👅 want Marilyn Mosby gone because she wants to dismantle his legacy.

Supermike Fard
15 Views · 7 months ago

Some Reactions to current news events and the value of sticking to our wise guiding lights

Supermike Fard
12 Views · 7 months ago

THEY DEMONIZE ALL OTHER SYSTEMS and what you gonna do about 🤷🏾‍♂️

Supermike Fard
17 Views · 8 months ago

#joerogan #blackfuturemonth #blackexcellence #blacktalk #blackhistory
Many black people are so used to violence and disrespect from each other they look at anyone who tries to reason with them over a disagreement (which shows respect) as powerless. This is probably why so many disagreements get out of hand because some think the threat of violence is the only way to change how people behave

Supermike Fard
9 Views · 8 months ago

#similac #recall We must find better food for our babies if we cant breastfeed because its too risky to have a baby PERMANENTLY damaged by poison powder

Supermike Fard
9 Views · 8 months ago

My Thoughts on fears . Features a clip from Breakfast club episode with Morris Chestnut

Supermike Fard
20 Views · 8 months ago

Setting a STANDARD of decency in the black community will take all of us. The good people MUST call out sick behaviors so the society can take steps to correct it. A great example of that being done on this clip. #lamemen #Socialmedia #Far 2/13/2022 B.M.T Business Minded Talk Channel

Supermike Fard
16 Views · 8 months ago

#BIllgates #FBA #news #devil youtube seems to make bill gates reporting of limits on their plate form.

Supermike Fard
20 Views · 8 months ago

#abortion #immigration #MarcelDixon . From disorganized street protests to feuding #fba #ADOS groups now #B2 pro reparations candidates are comming into the stage. Is this a plan to destroy one group of citizens replacing them with a very different group. Marcel Dixon of S.C. speaks

Supermike Fard
15 Views · 8 months ago

Boosters May Weaken The Immune System Says European Medicine Agency (EMA)

European Medicine Agency (EMA) has warned against the overuse of the boosters. Let's review their message and the mechanism of T cell exhaustion behind the message.

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#drbeen #koolbeens #COVID

This video is not intended to provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment, or medical advice; it also does not constitute provision of healthcare services. The content provided in this video is for informational and educational purposes only.
Please consult with a physician or healthcare professional regarding any medical or mental health related diagnosis or treatment. No information in this video should ever be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional.

Textbook reference:
Inhibition of CD8 + T Cell Responses: T Cell Exhaustion
Abbas, Abul K.; Lichtman, Andrew H.; Pillai, Shiv. Cellular and Molecular Immunology E-Book (p. 253). Elsevier Health Sciences. Kindle Edition.

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DrBeen: Continuing Medical Education Online | USMLE Prep | CME and CE marketplace | Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Training Programs | Medical Student Training

T cell exhaustion - PubMed

EU drug regulator expresses doubt on need for fourth booster dose | Reuters

Interim Statement on COVID-19 vaccines in the context of the circulation of the Omicron SARS-CoV-2 Variant from the WHO Technical Advisory Group on COVID-19 Vaccine Composition (TAG-CO-VAC)

Repeat Covid Booster Shots Spur Warning on Immune Response, EU Regulators Warn - Bloomberg

EU Drug Regulator Warns Against Overuse of COVID Booster Shots

Supermike Fard
11 Views · 8 months ago

Im reading from Mary Frances Berry's book and history on Callie House who was born enslaved and organized other former enslaved black people to seek reparations funding from this U.S. government. Our history is NEVER to be hidden and abandoned.

Supermike Fard
14 Views · 8 months ago

For too long Ive noticed that the black community is quick to demonize being PRO-BLACK this is crazy dangerous and ignorant. Pro black black people are literally the best most productive people in all points of our history

Supermike Fard
14 Views · 8 months ago

There is a twitter debate . Does immigration benefit black america? #securethetribe #FBA #ADOS #Immigration

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