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Child Drinks Meth Bong Water Her Mother Used And Has a Heart Attack
Solidi Talks
46 Views · 2 years ago

5 Year old goes to visit her mother get thirsty and picks up what she thinks is water but it turns out to be Meth Bong her mother and cousins were using to get high. The child starts hallucinating seeing monsters and demons and then passes out.

Snoop apologize to Gayle for the second time because his Momma raised him better than that
Solidi Talks
35 Views · 2 years ago

Snoopy Dog apologize to Gayle for the second time, his says his Momma raised him better than that. People are questioning if his Momma raised him better he would not have cheated on his wife and called women b**tches and H*es in his music. What are your thoughts on this situation?

Love and Hip Hop Toxic Relationships
Solidi Talks
6 Views · 2 years ago

Love and Hip Hop Toxic Relationships, Love and Hip Hop season 10 brings Chrissy back to the show to pull in the numbers because the show was boring and tired.

Black Woman killed in her home by Texas Police Botham Jean all over again
Solidi Talks
24 Views · 2 years ago

People are outraged it seems similar to Botham Jean and Amber Guyger

K. Michelle explains why men are not good people
Solidi Talks
15 Views · 2 years ago

K. Michelle says men are not good people, this does not mean every man in the world.

Tekashi 69 in hiding, Jim Jones in foreclosure
Solidi Talks
59 Views · 2 years ago

Tekashi 69 location is currently unknown to the public. Jim Jones is broke and loses his home allegedly.

Actress from Next Friday is homeless and has a GofundMe
Solidi Talks
37 Views · 2 years ago

Actress from Next Friday is homeless and has a GofundMe. Should she have worked a job instead asking for money from the public. Please comment below.

Dying  Woman's Husband Sexting Her Best Friend
Solidi Talks
46 Views · 3 years ago

Dying Woman's Husband Sexting Her Best Friend, the friend is feeling guilty.

Man Gets Twins Pregnant Gets A Show (UPDATE)
Solidi Talks
28 Views · 3 years ago

Man Gets Twins Pregnant Gets A Show (UPDATE). Twin sisters are sharing and pregnant by the same man, they both are OK with this situation. SMH

Diane Ross Claims TSA Agent Violated Her During Pat Down
Solidi Talks
29 Views · 3 years ago

Diana Ross Claims TSA Agent Viloated Her During Pat Down, it is clear that Ms. Ross is very unhappy with TSA procedures and has spoken out publicly.

Black Man Helps Stop Violence In His Community.mp4
35 Views · 3 years ago

black father protects community

NatWest Bank Trials Finger Print System For Bank Cards.mp4
39 Views · 3 years ago

finger print system

Meet The Richest King In The World Mansa Musa
27 Views · 3 years ago

He was the richest person in the world.
Even Bill Gates is behind him

Eva Marcille ex is crying about seeing his daughter
Solidi Talks
29 Views · 3 years ago

He says he misses her daughter I don’t believe it he is on social media instead of filing with the court to see his daughter.

Husband staged wife’s killing by accusing a panhandler
Solidi Talks
35 Views · 3 years ago

The husband and his daughter is accused of pre-meditated murder of his wife.

Dame Dash is scamming others
Solidi Talks
24 Views · 3 years ago

Dame is claiming movies that’s not his and is being sued

Why are you having children you can’t afford
Solidi Talks
27 Views · 3 years ago

You can't depend on these men to stay and help with your children therefore if you can't provided alone don't have them because you will only set yourself up for hardship.

Ti is calling Floyd out as a F----ck N------a
Solidi Talks
60 Views · 3 years ago

Ti is calling Floyd some harsh names because he doesn't agree with Floyd stance on continuing to wear Gucci.

Ex-football player sleeps with 341 different women cheating on his wife
Solidi Talks
267 Views · 3 years ago

Brandy from Basketball Wives husband cheats with 341 women during their 17 year relationship. Can you say a disease walking.

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