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warch your back africa
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watch your back africa

u raised him , u live with him, u bury him , sooner or later
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he'll kill her or someone else someday or somebody will kill him

If This Dont Wake You Up....Then Stay Sleep....Cause This Is What They Been Plotting And Doing...
LionnessontheRise Lioness144
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Mega Church of Secrets
LionnessontheRise Lioness144
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Churches are constantly being accused of concealing secrets and leaving the mission of prayer behind. Let's take a moment to expose one of the biggest Mega Churches where many go for worship and profit is bigger than praying to the profit.

niggas this why you aint got shit now who u gonna blame
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⁣ excuse the language. but niggas this is why you aint got shit, now who u gonna blame

White Fight Series
Above All That Drama
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White Fight Series
Above All That Drama
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a fool trying to impress the ladies
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please men be careful. it aint that important to show your bravado

the elephant in the room is BIG BLACK ASS NIGGAS talk about tht
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something seems all these talking heads won't acknowledge

The War on Black Fatherhood
Above All That Drama
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6-19-2022 We discuss the war on Black Fatherhood and how to fight back. TBA explains.

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MoT #166 Special Monday Crime Report
Above All That Drama
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So many of the "random" shootings in the black community are not only unsolved, but police don't have a clue what the perpetrators even look like and yet the white media has conditioned the public -including the black community- to assume it must be a black person.
Just how dangerous is this assumption?
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#B1 #WeAreTheBlackMedia

Happy Fathers Day and Juneteenth to all the Black Fathers
Nini’s Garden
Above All That Drama
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She is doing it y'all!!!

Wak It Electric Grinders Back in stock!!!
Above All That Drama
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MoT #163 Atatiana Jefferson's Killers' Trial Delayed For Fourth Time
Above All That Drama
5 Views · 17 days ago

In 2019 Atatiana Jefferson was murdered by a coward with a gun. Since then the courts have allowed him to remain free by giving him delay after delay after delay.
The enemy has taken a string of losses and is now resorting to desperation tactics meant to stall until the public moves on or until they get a sweetheart plea deal.
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Seattle grandma and midget man out here beefing in these streets
Shala Yisrael
19 Views · 17 days ago

Seattle grandma and midget man out here beefing in these streets .

Chicago naked woman steals cop car and runs over his leg
Shala Yisrael
26 Views · 17 days ago

⁣ A Naked Woman just ran over a Police officer with his vehicle, after he got out to check on her well being. She then stole his squad car, after he was on the ground bleeding from the head. And sped away, southbound on Kostner. Right before jumping onto the i-290 expressway, and speeding eastbound towards downtown. The Woman eventually crashed into 5+ other vehicles on (Harrison & Damen), with the stolen Police Car. Immediately after she exited i-290 @ Damen. The female offender is now in custody! This same woman is also wanted for firing Multiple Shots, from a dark blue Buick, that she was occupying on Madison & Kilpatrick. Just minutes before striking the officer, on Jackson. The offender and the officer have now, been transported to Stroger Hospital by EMS.

Come and get some!!! I ain't afraid of you MF´s!!!
Above All That Drama
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Disclaimer: There is Nothing wrong with me, I am merely a product of my overly racist environment.


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Police Arrest 31 Race Terrorists BEFORE They Attacked
Above All That Drama
4 Views · 19 days ago

For the longest time Patriot Front was allowed to attack black people and those who protested anti-black racism and police did nothing. Even then they killed people.
But now they planned to riot in lily-white Doeur d’Alene, Idaho and police identified, tracked and arrested dozens of them BEFORE they attacked.
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