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Black Ink Chicago Season 4 Episode 7 White Tacticals Review Vh1 TV Show
Mary Jane
162 Views · 4 years ago

Charmaine establishes the rules as she continues as H.B.I.C., causing Lily and Reese to rebel; Ryan reveals a long-awaited Mother's Day surprise for Rachel; Van has a big blow up with Jenn.

The Challenge season 32 episode 1 review MTV
Mary Jane
405 Views · 4 years ago

And, suddenly, the season’s subtitle, The Final Reckoning, makes a lot more sense. It’s meant to be an ending. Ostensibly, the season is the third in a trilogy that began with XXX: Dirty 30 and continued last season with Vendettas, though this is the first we’re hearing about it. It’s a neat idea, if completely unearned. There’s no overarching thread that connects the three, nor is there a firm consistency in ensemble; it was only last season, after all, that competitors from outside the stateside MTV bubble (CBS’ Big Brother; UK hits Geordie Shore and Ex on the Beach) made an appearance. There’s no real structural unity either as the Vendettas concept is essentially just a reiteration of earlier Rivals seasons with a new name (and a misappropriation of the word “vendettas,” but I digress).

That the framing is in service to a larger, infrastructural goal isn’t even something MTV is trying to mask. The trailers for the season proclaim that “It’s the end of The Challenge as you know it,” while also calling the season “the end of an era.” Having watched the first episode of this new season, however, everything feels like business as usual — all that’s different is the locale (South Africa), the rules (a season-to-season occurrence), and the cast (new competitors arrive from the likes of Vanderpump Rules and Bad Girls Club).

Claws season 2 episode 5 Vaginalologist Review TNT show
Mary Jane
368 Views · 4 years ago

Desna continues to grow closer to Zlata, despite the crew's increasing concern as her relationship with Dr. Ruval intensifies; Dean gets an opportunity to showcase his talents; Uncle Daddy gets his mojo back.

Your husband is cheating on us season 1 episode 7 Review Bravo TV
Mary Jane
332 Views · 4 years ago

With the cast still reeling over the latest departure, JD wastes no time bringing in a new face; the well-known thespian is a breath a fresh air in the midst of all the drama; a fight breaks out despite the positive attitude and professionalism.

Live Call in Basketball Wives season 7 episode 8
Mary Jane
229 Views · 4 years ago

Tami lashes out at Evelyn, leaving the entire group taking cover and taking sides. As an escape, Evelyn puts together a charity event, but Shaunie refuses to welcome Jen. Malaysia tries to get CeCe and Kristen past their conflict.

Basketball Wives Season 7 Episode 8 Review Vh1 Tv show
Mary Jane
462 Views · 4 years ago

Tami lashes out at Evelyn, leaving the entire group taking cover and taking sides. As an escape, Evelyn puts together a charity event, but Shaunie refuses to welcome Jen. Malaysia tries to get CeCe and Kristen past their conflict.

Power season 5 episode 2 Control Showtime tv show Review Talk
Mary Jane
347 Views · 4 years ago

The St. Patrick family grieves Raina while the AUSA's office discusses taking down Ghost and ending Angela's career; Councilman Tate exploits Raina's death; Dre maintains order within his organization.

School to First Black Valedictorian: No Speech for You Jaisaan Lovett's
Mary Jane
338 Views · 4 years ago

NEWSER) – Jaisaan Lovett, it seems, is not a young man to be denied. The first black valedictorian at his New York state high school, Lovett gave his graduation speech last month on YouTube after the school principal apparently refused to let him speak at graduation, the Democrat & Chronicle reports. "To Mr. Munno, my principal, there's a whole lot of things I've wanted to say to you for a long time. ... I'm here as the UPrep 2018 valedictorian to tell you that you couldn't break me. I'm still here, and I'm still here strong," Lovett says. "And after all these years, all this anger I've had toward you and UPrep as a whole, I realized I had to let that go in order to better myself. And I forgive you for everything I held against you."

Lovett says he's clashed with Joseph Munno at University Preparatory Charter School for Young Men several times. Once, Lovett spearheaded a week-long student strike when the Rochester school apparently refused to order lab safety equipment. "There’s a lot of wrong things that go on at that school, and when I notice it I speak out against it," says Lovett in his speech. "(Munno) is a guy that doesn’t like to be told 'no.'" Lovett currently interns for Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, who posted his speech on the city's YouTube channel. Munno refused to comment, but the school's board of trustees posted on Facebook that "we are aware of the concern with the Valedictorian not speaking at graduation" and "will be reviewing the circumstances," per CBS News.

Adam Bloom asking neighbor Jasmine Edwards for proof pool Permit Patty
Mary Jane
566 Views · 4 years ago

The white man accused of racial profiling for asking that a black woman at his community pool show him her ID to prove she was entitled to be there has been fired from his job as a result of their row.

Adam Bloom, 40, was named on Friday as a video of his confrontation with Jasmine Edwards, a young mother, went viral.

The pair met at the community pool near their homes in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Bloom, the pool 'chair' and a member of the local community homeowners association, asked Edwards for proof that she was a resident.

First, he asked for her address then, she said, he demanded ID to prove that she lived where she said she did.

The cops were then called to the scene and their argument was caught on video. Edwards posted footage of it on Facebook later.

In response to it, Sonoco, the packaging company where Bloom worked, fired him on Friday. He worked as a Value Realization Leader, according to his now-deleted LinkedIn page.
In a statement, Sonoco said: 'We are aware of a terrible incident involving the actions of one our employees outside of the workplace.

Growing up Hip Hop season 4 episode 7 The Cupid Shuffle Review Tv show WeTv
Mary Jane
343 Views · 4 years ago

The danger surrounding Master P's incarcerated brother comes to a head; Tee Tee plays cupid for Briana, but her grand plan backfires; Tyran struggles to get Pepa's attention; after a blowup, Angela and Vanessa must unite for charity.

Your husband is cheating on us season 1 episode 6 And Scene Review
Mary Jane
509 Views · 4 years ago

With two weeks left, the cast is down to the wire, and JD has no more time for excuses; seemingly everyone is getting their act together, but an unexpected change to production leaves the entire cast stunned and upset.

Basketball Wives season 7 episode 7 Review Vh1 TV show Talk
Mary Jane
261 Views · 4 years ago

Shaunie investigates a rumor that could blow up the group, but it results in more questions than answers. Malaysia is pleasantly surprised when Cece and Byron set her up on a blind date. Tami lashes out and says something she can't take back

Drake Tourmate Rapper Smoke Dawg & Anthony Soares Fif Rest In Power
Mary Jane
453 Views · 4 years ago

Drake, Smoke Dawg

Toronto Rapper Smoke Dawg Killed, Drake Responds
Jahvante Smart, better known as Toronto rapper Smoke Dawg ,was shot and killed in what news outlets call a “brazen daylight shooting” in downtown Toronto over the weekend. He participated in a European tour with Toronto’s biggest star, Drake, last year and was gaining popularity in their hometown.
Stories and theories are circulating online about the reasoning behind his killing. Many believe he was killed for shooting a music video in a rival gang’s neighborhood. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
reported that Mayor John Tory blames gangs for a wave of violence in Toronto. Drake mourned his former tour mate in an Instagram story. He wrote,
Drake's Friend, Anthony Soares "Fif "

New Netflix documentary claims confessions Who Murder Tupac Shakur
Mary Jane
340 Views · 4 years ago

Tupac's killer finally REVEALED: New Netflix documentary claims the late Orlando Anderson pulled the trigger as filmmakers call for his uncle 'Keefe D' to be arrested for being an accessory to the 1996 murder
Duane Keith Davis - also known as 'Keefe D' - confesses he was in the car when a fellow passenger pulled the trigger and shot dead Tupac
A Netflix documentary reveals in taped confessions under immunity he claims that his own nephew Orlando Anderson pulled the trigger
Executive producer of Netflix's Unsolved, Kyle Long, has called for Las Vegas police department to pursue Keefe D
'He went live on television and confessed to being an accessory to murder and the Las Vegas PD, as far as I know, is doing nothing about it,' said Long
Anderson died in a gang shooting in 1998, but always denied involvement in Tupac's murder

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 7 episode 16 finale Peace and Blessings
Mary Jane
462 Views · 4 years ago

Peace and Blessings Shooter puts together a big anti-violence rally to honor his late son. Dime's baby shower takes a turn when Stevie and Sean Garrett argue. Stevie enlists Rich Dollaz to get back at Erica. Tommie reconnects with the group and Dime gives birth!

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