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double standard again
5 Views · 1 day ago

every accident is a felon for us . when are we going to say enoughs enough

if you aint willing to pick up a gun , and have some fun, then your protest is done
8 Views · 1 day ago

⁣if you aint willing to pick up a gun and have some fun , then your protest is done. when you serve more time for killing a damned police dog than a police serves for murdering a human being with 16 shots , and they know all you're going to do is mindless protesting then that should tell you your protest is useless and nobody but a few give a damn, and after all that shouting and pouting , you will quietly meander to your hoods, and continue to watch the carnage perpetrated by murdering cops and murdering negros

its because jealousy of somebodys hair smdh
6 Views · 2 days ago

⁣this is because jealousy of somebody's hair. you women are going to have to do a better job with your little girls. this was done by a girl . this tells me that you women have prioritized your hair so much that its all that counts , and your girls are following that ignorance and either stealing the shit or like in this case burning another persons hair because it may be looking better than theirs

give me your opinion
10 Views · 2 days ago

now you have the eyewitness reports. lets see how they twist it and not indict

mental instability is a real issue with black people too
6 Views · 2 days ago

⁣mental instability is a real issue in the black community, and it can't continue to be ignored

white mans depiction of africa
15 Views · 3 days ago

⁣white mans depiction of africa to the world. the people and the govts of africa have got to stop letting these type pics be used to exploit the belief that africa is so primitive and needs the white and worlds intervention

i would have went to mars if i had a space ship but i aint got 1
11 Views · 5 days ago

⁣if you a real black man and ouldn't take this , this video is not for you. all the rest who talk about would've should've could've this is for you. excuse the language

he should be dead  if u cant get him  kill his family
12 Views · 5 days ago

⁣he should be dead . if not kill his family for the murder of jason walker

a lot of you will get mad at me, and let this go over your head
10 Views · 6 days ago

⁣a lot of you will get mad at me and let this go over your head . but remember I didn't do this, and i don't get a dime for telling you

when u quit shooting ech other, quit taking film , quit being afraid thats when it'll stop
13 Views · 6 days ago

⁣when you quit shooting each other, quit taking videos , quit being afraid , and start fighting back. then this will stop

i'm just making a comparrison
5 Views · 6 days ago

⁣i'm just making a comparison africa. are you still going to be those all forgiving people the world think and let these diseased people into your countries

thats the question white people
12 Views · 7 days ago

can you answer the question

glory back to black africa and black worldwide
6 Views · 7 days ago

here is the truth of why africa did not grow under the white mans presence.

when are we all going to stop being treated as niggas in da hood
9 Views · 8 days ago

⁣when are we all going to stop being treated as niggas in the hood. when are black people going to rise up and fight back ? when are we going to realize that this useless marching and protesting is the expected response from racist that murder openly the innocent black men women and children . when are we BLACK people going to say enoughs enough , and somebody else has to die besides us

how they treat white unstable people in custody
7 Views · 8 days ago

dont play with matches in jail

just another nigga lynched
8 Views · 10 days ago

you black immigrants don't listen to us black people in amerika when we tell you how these whites are

another black good dad killed by the police for nothing
10 Views · 10 days ago

and here's the biggest feared for my life lie you can tell. but what are you going to do . march protest, let a bunch of criminals use this to sully the man and his fams name, or are you going to start fighting fire with fire

u got the wrong one
24 Views · 11 days ago

one of the best retorts to racism

this should have never happened
6 Views · 11 days ago

⁣ this should have never happened. people what does it take to get you to understand these fire safety devices are for your protection . not for backup batteries to your other gadgets and devices. i'm not saying this is the case. but out of 20 total devices , not 1 worked. i'm assuming they are batteries because if they were connected to the power supply in the apts they would have worked at least 1/2. but with the quickness the fire dept said none of the alarms worked they noticed that 1st off that there were no batteries or they were missing and never replaced. the land lord does not owe you batteries for smoke alarms once they are installed and working. that much is up to the tenant. the fire dept says there were 4 they saw that weren't working , and the housing says there were 20 devices in all the bldgs. it don't matter now, because they weren't maintained . people please get your priorities right , to avoid this type tragedy. also test your devices periodically. it only takes a minute

believe the truth not the lies
12 Views · 12 days ago

it s not in the past. just as this devil says its part of her heritage, its passed down from generation to generation

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