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she saying what needs to be said and not enough
12 Views · 17 hours ago

she didnt say enough

u ask for it u got u got it toyota or inthis case bullet wholla
4 Views · 17 hours ago

when your kids are rased wrong the streets wont raise them but kill them

fuk u fuk u fuk u thats all i got to say
8 Views · 2 days ago

i'm glad they killed this murdering bastard. this is what needs to happen throughout africa instead of some of these govts letting these evil bastards come to their countries for the sake of killing . this is all the white devil knows . kill,kill,kill

heres somethig u niggas should  feel good about
12 Views · 5 days ago

⁣if you don't want to hear the truth of whats wrong with black people and why we can't break out of this funk esp in amerika , then this aint for you . go back and get spoon fed the bullshit that makes you feel good on some other site that has so called black people afraid to tell the truth lest they lose followers. our biggest enemy is niggas that look like us , but dont think like black people

whatever it is  it is ok thats what it is
10 Views · 7 days ago

⁣whatever it is, it is , ok ? thats what it is. i'm tired of telling you the same thing

black people the expendable race everywhere and nobody cares
8 Views · 8 days ago

⁣black people , the expendable race everywhere and nobody cares

u do it to yourself , there's noone else to blame
7 Views · 9 days ago

this wouldn't happen as much if mothers started being mothers again and raise their girls to stay out of the street and have some dignity about themselves, and that there is no reason a woman with kids should be out in the world at all times of early morning or late night

black people we got to start fighting back in the worse way
3 Views · 9 days ago

black people are being attacked on every end

somebody got our back and they black thats all we care about
9 Views · 9 days ago

dont depend on these type niggas to do no more than film and fight each other

u raised him , u live with him, u bury him , sooner or later
12 Views · 10 days ago

he'll kill her or someone else someday or somebody will kill him

warch your back africa
8 Views · 10 days ago

watch your back africa

this is when your mouth says what your mind actually thinks
14 Views · 10 days ago

of course the bitch will say its a mistake and a lot of u will say its ok she didnt mean it

its time to end this gotdamn country, i think it is, what do u think
11 Views · 11 days ago

⁣it;s time to end this gotdamn country. i think it is, what do u think

keep voting along party and color lines , and we'll never get shit
29 Views · 12 days ago

⁣keep voting along party or color lines black folk and we'll never get shit. just as a lot of you , i also am guilty of voting along the aforementioned, and i have come to the conclusion that we have been duped . we hve had a significant amount of black representatives since the earl 70's in all or mot states where the black people are in igificant numbers, and what have we gotten to show for it . , not a gotdamned thing, yet the hispanic and asian communities have far less representation but have made leaps and bounds in the monies and legislation to benefit their communities, and are succeeding and moving ahead while we still linger in crime , and poverty waiting on reparations that every negro politician brings up when running for office, knowing damned well it aint i said if we want change we have to remove these grey haired yassuh boss politicians that you see only when disaster strikes or election time.hard facts people

africa is waking up
13 Views · 13 days ago

africa is waking up they are realizing they are not the poor helpless country

10,000 mfkn cops in chgo
10 Views · 13 days ago

10,000 mfkn cops in chgo , where are they all that it takes 15 min for them to respond to an emergency

this country was brought about by blood and will end by blood
6 Views · 13 days ago

⁣this country was brought about by blood and will end by blood. only thing is the gamble they are hoping for by making sure all the negro criminals have guns that they will turn on their own will backfire just as their inundating to black community with drugs failed during the 60's

niggas this why you aint got shit now who u gonna blame
5 Views · 14 days ago

⁣ excuse the language. but niggas this is why you aint got shit, now who u gonna blame

a fool trying to impress the ladies
10 Views · 16 days ago

please men be careful. it aint that important to show your bravado

the elephant in the room is BIG BLACK ASS NIGGAS talk about tht
6 Views · 16 days ago

something seems all these talking heads won't acknowledge

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