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Full Video Of Buffalo NY Mass Shooting!
Joel da Silva
81 Views · 2 months ago

⁣At least 10 people were killed at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket when a "heavily armed" gunman carrying an assault-style weapon opened fire on store employees and customers Saturday afternoon, in what city and federal officials are calling a racially motivated hate crime.
The suspect was identified as Payton Gendron of Conklin, about 200 miles southeast of Buffalo in New York state, law enforcement officials said. He was being questioned Saturday evening by the FBI; a senior law enforcement official said his distraught parents were cooperating with authorities.
He was swiftly arraigned Saturday night on first-degree murder charges and remanded, Buffalo authorities said; the judge ordered a forensic examination.
The shooter drove to the Tops Friendly Market on Jefferson Avenue around 2:30 p.m., exiting his vehicle dressed in armored tactical gear and a helmet outfitted with a camera he used to livestream his movements, Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said.
The gunman first opened fire in the parking lot, killing three people and injuring a fourth, Gramaglia said. Then he allegedly moved into the supermarket where a security guard on duty exchanged gunfire with the 18-year-old suspect. The senior official said the gunman was armed with a semiautomatic rifle, a hunting rifle and a shotgun, all recently purchased legally.
The security guard, a retired Buffalo police officer, was shot and killed before the shooter moved further into the store, firing on customers and store employees, the commissioner said. Six people, including the guard, died inside the store.
Officials said responding police met the shooter at the front of the store and talked him into dropping his firearm and surrendering.

Full Dave Chapelle tackle vídeo!
Joel da Silva
20 Views · 2 months ago

⁣LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Video shows the exact moment a man ran on stage and attacked comedian Dave Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl.

The footage obtained by TMZ shows the suspect - who has since been identified as 23-year-old Isaiah Lee - running onto the stage and tackling the comedian.

Gravitas: Why is U.S. not talking about human rights violations at home?
Joel da Silva
12 Views · 3 months ago

U.S. lectured India on human rights, and Russia on genocide. Back in America, a 26-year-old black man was shot in the head by a white police officer, he died. Incidents like these happen in U.S. every other day. When will the U.S. talk about them?

#Gravitas #US #HumanRights

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Say No, to White Privilege in China!
Joel da Silva
44 Views · 3 months ago

⁣Reportedly a video from Shanghai, China on March 26 where a local man went into a restaurant where foreigners were eating and lashed out, complaining that foreigners could drink freely & have fun while Shanghai residents have to endure COVID regulations.

The Real Reason they Killed Michael!
Joel da Silva
15 Views · 5 months ago

I do small "think-pieces" on music!
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In PART 1 of this series, I talk about how powerful Michael Jackson was in his prime. Throughout the series I'll hopefully be able to answer wether or not he was the MOST powerful artist ever or not.
I consider these things throughout the series when talking about power; equity and ownership WITHIN the music industry, influence and sale (on part 2).

On part 2, I'll directly compare MJ with other peak artists such as
Jay-Z, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix and more, directly stacking up numbers on sales, cultural influence and equity/ownership!

Stay tuned!

Zimbabwe Inventor Maxwell Chikumbutso Creates the Worlds First TV That Requires no Electric Source!
Joel da Silva
38 Views · 5 months ago

⁣In Africa, there are several communities without electricity, essentially cutting them off the ‘global village.’ As a result, they are unable to use devices that rely principally on electricity like radio and television for entertainment and information.

This challenge is about to be nipped in the bud with an innovative technology led by a Zimbabwean called Maxwell Chikumbutso. He is the founder of Saith Holdings Inc. under which he made headlines for his serial innovations including electric cars and a multi-fueled helicopter, according to the Herald.

Now, the innovator says he has invented a cordless powered television set. According to the Herald newspaper, Chikumbutso succeeded in embedding the wireless power generator that uses radio frequency (RF) energy on a 55 inch UHD Samsung TV set eliminating the use of power cables, on-grid power and the size of the TV power supply gadgets.

WTF, did i Just watch? “DeaD DrunK”!
Joel da Silva
32 Views · 5 months ago

⁣A Russian man gave new meaning to the term “dead drunk” — getting so loaded that he was actually declared dead and brought to the morgue.
The man passed out while partying with pals. First responders thought he was dead, the newspaper Khasanskiye Vesti reported.
Authorities took him to a morgue, but he woke up in the middle of the night, confused and frightened about being locked in a cold room filled with dead bodies, police said.
He banged on the door until cops let him out.
Incredibly, the man didn’t go home immediately, officials said. He instead went to his pal’s place, where the booze-fest had happened, knocked on the door and found his friends mourning his death, the paper reported.
At least one of his buddies fainted upon seeing the walking-dead friend, and the somber gathering turned into a celebration. He probably died again!

Y'all White People are Crazy!
Joel da Silva
37 Views · 6 months ago

just retarded white people.

WTF, did i Just watch? Animals being Animals!
Joel da Silva
41 Views · 6 months ago

⁣Meet Puppy Girl Jenna. Jenna has a following that apparently pays her money to pretend to be a dog in public.

Jenna quit her job to live like a dog full-time now pulls in over six figures a month.

Jenna Phillips, from Austin, Texas, US says that she always felt like a dog growing up, but not in a sexual way at first.

She used to pretend to be a puppy, rolling around, fetching balls, and loved getting praise like 'good girl.'

During her two years as an optician, Jenny started an OnlyFans account where she posted 'vanilla content' for the first 18 months.

It was only when she met two men in Chicago who told her more about the 'pet play scene' that she decided to learn more.

After 18 months of posting 'vanilla' content to her OnlyFans account, she started uploading kinkier pet play videos under the name 'thatpuppygirl.'

This is when her account really took off.

The Devil knows, his Time is Short!
Joel da Silva
47 Views · 6 months ago

The vaccines are poisons!

This is the Most Funny shit you will watch Today!
Joel da Silva
31 Views · 6 months ago

Imagine him driving you around!!! LoL!

Remember Kids, say "no" to Porn!
Joel da Silva
23 Views · 6 months ago

The porn industry is not a glamourous as it looks to be. Most of the female porn stars have died either by AIDS, drug overdose, suicide or murder! Here is a list of female porn stars from over the years, how they died and the year they died!

I killed Bob Marley, dying CIA agent confesses!
Joel da Silva
17 Views · 6 months ago

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AmerikKka is close to a civil war according to CIA advisor!
Joel da Silva
31 Views · 6 months ago

⁣CNN's Michael Holmes talks with Professor Barbara Walter of the University of California San Diego about her work on a task force that tries to predict where outside the US a civil war is likely to break out. Walter says the two best predictors of whether violence is likely to occur currently exist in the US and have emerged at a "surprisingly fast rate."

WTF, did i Just watch? Being robbed!
Joel da Silva
32 Views · 6 months ago

No info.

"Hell" of a Drink!
Joel da Silva
23 Views · 7 months ago

⁣Maybe elevators should have 'No Flaming Drinks' signs along with the 'No Smoking' signs!

"Cave"-casoids age like PooPoo!#12
Joel da Silva
25 Views · 7 months ago

Yep, that non melanated skin seems to age very badly and then mixed with plastic surgery makes it really worse!

Anti "white" Propaganda!
Joel da Silva
34 Views · 7 months ago

No info, sorry.

⁣⁣White People are Parasites; ⁣

The wicked "parasites" are estranged from the womb!
Joel da Silva
44 Views · 7 months ago

⁣12 year old boy and 14 year old girl have shootout with the police

A 14-year-old girl is seriously hurt after she and a 12-year-old boy allegedly armed themselves with stolen guns and opened fire on Florida deputies, officials said.

The children, who reportedly ran away from a group home hours earlier, allegedly broke into an empty house Tuesday night, which the homeowner said was stocked with an AK-47, a handgun, a shotgun and a large amount of ammunition, the Volusia County Sheriff's Office said.

The 12-year-old boy told investigators he grabbed the AK-47 and two loaded magazines for the AK-47 from a case in the bedroom, according to the charging affidavit.

Deputies surrounded the home and made announcements, trying to talk the children into surrendering peacefully, according to the sheriff's office.

But the children started shooting, allegedly with the homeowner's guns, the sheriff's office said.

MORE: Violent Memorial Day weekend: Shootings erupt in New York, Miami and more
Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said the children fired from multiple angles and the girl allegedly threatened to kill a sergeant.

The 12-year-old later told investigators that the 14-year-old had said, "I'm gonna roll this down like GTA," referring to the video game Grand Theft Auto, Chitwood said.

The body camera showed an officer standing behind a tree as many shots rang out.

"Female has a shotgun in her hand," he said at one point, and later shouted, "Put the gun down now!"

"They're shooting at me," he said later.

"She's got the AK and the shotgun... shots fired again, female now has a pistol," he said.

Chitwood said Tuesday night, "Deputies did everything they could tonight to de-escalate and they almost lost their lives."

"They took rounds -- multiple, multiple rounds -- before they were left with no other choice but to return fire," Chitwood said.

No deputies were hurt, officials said.

Both children were charged with attempted first-degree murder and armed burglary, according to documents.

Kitwana McTyer, president and CEO of Florida United Methodist Children’s Home, where the children lived, called the incident "tragic" and said it is "the result of the system failing our children."

"These children are in desperate need of care in the appropriate setting, which is a higher level of care than we provide," McTyer said in a statement.

Both children were in the home's emergency shelter care program, which is currently serving three children, McTyer said.

"We have recently made changes to our Emergency ShelterCare program and have been working with our partners, including Sheriff Chitwood, CommunityPartnership for Children (CPC), and the Department of Child Welfare to address the state of child welfare in our community and the gaps in the system that result in the lack of adequate or appropriate placement for children who should at times be in the care of the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ)," McTyler said.

"As a result of this event, we will be placing a moratorium on our campus Emergency Shelter Care program for the next 30 days and then will cease to provide that service until such time if/when that we feel that we can do so in a safe manner for the children coming into care and simultaneously protect our staff," McTyer said.

"At this juncture, the level of children who are being sent to us through Emergency Shelter care at times is beyond the scope of our capabilities to provide the care required and limits who we can serve as part of our mission."

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