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Shala Yisrael
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Kenya, one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations, is being targeted by Western pedophiles who are exploiting the country’s poverty and lax law enforcement to abuse children, an investigation has discovered.

Reporters for Channel 4 News filmed children – some as young as 12 – in nightclubs in Mombasa where they had gone to meet Western men who had traveled to the country for under-age sex.

Fees for sex with Western tourists can amount to almost five times what most Kenyan laborers earn in a day, and many view the industry as the only way of putting food on the table. “Fatuma goes everywhere because I have no food at home and no money to support her,” Filomena Kangombe, the mother of a 13-year old child prostitute told the program makers.

At a clinic in Mombasa which specializes in sexual violence over a thousand children have been treated for sexual abuse in last two years - the youngest only six-years-old. Managers estimate that between 40 to 50 per cent of them have been abuse by foreigners.


Shala Yisrael
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Niamey, Niger — Hundreds of jihadists attacked a Niger military camp near the border with Mali, killing 71 soldiers, the defense ministry said Wednesday. Tuesday's attack in Inates in the western Tillaberi region was the deadliest on Niger's military since the country's Islamist militant violence began in 2015. "Sadly, we regret to announce the following toll: 71 military personnel killed, 12 injured. Others missing," the defense ministry said in a statement aired on national television.

For More about what's really going on in Africa watch the video on my channel entitled
'Africa Is In Trouble and Don't Even Know It'
Niamey, Niger — Hundreds of jihadists attacked a Niger military camp near the border with Mali, killing 71 soldiers, the defense ministry said Wednesday. Tuesday's attack in Inates in the western Tillaberi region was the deadliest on Niger's military since the country's Islamist militant violence began in 2015.

"Sadly, we regret to announce the following toll: 71 military personnel killed, 12 injured. Others missing," the defense ministry said in a statement aired on national television.

For More about what's really going on in Africa watch the video on my channel entitled
'Africa Is In Trouble and Don't Even Know It' ====>>>

Shala Yisrael
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Roena Cheryl Mills, 43, was found guilty of first-degree murder on Thursday. A Mercer County, West Virginia, jury reached a verdict in less than two hours. Mills, a former stripper, faces life in prison without the possibility of parole. Authorities say she bludgeoned to death and decapitated Bo White, 29. White's body was found in his Lerona, West Virginia, home on Easter of 2018. His severed head was found in a wooded area nearby a short time later. Authorities say Mills traded sexual favors in exchange for drugs and money. Bo White was living off disability pension and was prescribed medication. Mills was introduced to Bo White by his father, James, her longtime boyfriend.


Narrated by: Brother Jacob Israel
Hebrew Israelite Radio Show Host:

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This video discuss the F.B.I's HATE CRIME statistics (2017) Blacks/African Amer lead in the stat most Victims of HATE Crimes. Hate crimes against "Blacks" goes unreported even when told to the police.

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Many African Americans... descendants of the Ancient Israelites scattered via the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade don't know there Biblical history. Its my goal as your Moreh/Teacher to highlight the details of our history in an effort to awaken you to your heritage and hidden history. Its time to remember who you are and where you come from!

During the evening of December 7th, the ministry of Biblical Hebrew Awakening held a special conference call to read the "Complete Works of Josephus" Antiquities of the Jews, Book 12, Chapter 1 and 5, along with 1 Maccabees Chapters 1 and 2.

Shala Yisrael
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The number of young African girls trafficked to Europe for prostitution has increased by almost 600 percent in the first half of this year. In its report, which was released last week in Italian, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) warns that the sexual exploitation of African migrants in Europe has reached disturbing levels, with the majority of victims being young girls who are already subject to abuse on their way to Europe.

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as you can see no mfkn difference in a punk ass white mf with a gun . And as I stated b4 . when white mfs have no black people to fuck over, they fuck over each other, but only use religion as the reason. But they can kill each other as I said. And b4 you feel sorry for the palestineans, remember one thing . They are cut from the same white cloth as those white ass jews. only difference is religion. But as I said a rabid ass cop exist everywhere just as this bastard

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rwanda gold refinery

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this dad is letting it be known that this mf that did this to his child will not escape. now this bastard is in jail for now, but they are saying he could get out jan 1, after scaring this little girl into the streets while trying to abduct her. And to add misery , her dad was on the call and had to attend to his little girl because he is a fireman for nypd. too often these deggs of society, the predators and murderers are released into the black community, because of a fucked up law system. But I wonder will any of those teens esp the one that did the killing who was 14, and stabbed the white college student get out with such flimsy bullshit charges. This is why I tell black folk , handle your crimes ourselves whether it be murdering raping crazies or thugs , or murdering damn cops who just as this guy will , they go free. But this dad is saying it like it is. this mf will not escape. But I won't be surprised if he goes to court and this mf is set free, and when je says something , they'll criminalize him, and he'll get a bigger charge than the criminal. we need more black men to stand up for our girls and women against these predators and savages, instead of taking videos for likes

Shala Yisrael
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A Black Lives Matter activist, who appeared to be white, started a fight at an event being held by black leaders in support for South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Black Lives Matter protesters gathered to protest the event, and the man with the group stole the microphone from councilwoman Sharon McBride. "Who chose these people as the black leaders?" the man shouted on the microphone. "Who organized this?" At one point in the video, a black woman appears to try to attack the man with her cane.

After the microphone was taken from him, the man got the protesters to chant, "This is a farce!" The event comes as Buttigieg continues to struggle with black voters in his run for the Democratic presidential nomination.


Shala Yisrael
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CONYERS, Ga. — A 42-year-old man shot and killed while working at a Conyers plant on Friday was a loving person and full of life, his sister said.
Taurus Andrews was identified as the sole victim at Dart Container Corporation, and his sister, Sherrika Sidwell-McKay, said "the world should know about the greatest brother ever."


Open Diary
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Hidden Hebrews 2 - Children of Judah
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***Scripture Quote Correction @ 49:20 timestamp. It references Jeremiah 30:10 not Deuteronomy. Thanks!!***
*****Download References Here- https://drive.google.com/file/....d/1d9xqMUs6iVZIMB3c4
Hidden Hebrews 2 builds on revelations shared within the original Hidden Hebrews video. This release in the series promises to reveal additional undeniable truths of the true Hebrew Israelites. After viewing part two, you will never look at Hebrew Israelites the same.

Please see the following video references if interested. References listed are a subset of a much larger body of work. Enjoy!

The Negro in the New world
by Johnston, Harry, 1858-1927
page - 27 (footnote)

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edited by Tobias George Smollett
page - 141

Sources of History in the Pentateuch: Six Lectures Delivered in Princeton ...
By Samuel Colcord Bartlett
page 118

Lost Tribes & Promised Lands
by Ronald Sanders
page vi
- Picture from..
Lost Tribes A Myth by Doctor Allen Godbey

A New Voyage to Italy: With Curious Observations on Several Other Countries, As: Germany, Switzerland, Savoy, Geneva, Flanders, and Holland; Together with Useful Instructions for Those who Shall Travel Thither, Volume 1, Issue 1
page 139

Traveling Man: The Journey of Ibn Battuta 1325-1354
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Empires of Medieval West Africa
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Maps of Africa: An Online Exhibit
A digital collection of African Maps at the Stanford University Libraries
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Africa being an accurate description of the regions of Ægypt, Barbary, Lybia, and Billedulgerid, the land of Negroes, Guinee, Æthiopia and the Abyssines : with all the adjacent islands, either in the Mediterranean, Atlantick, Southern or Oriental Sea, belonging thereunto : with the several denominations fo their coasts, harbors, creeks, rivers, lakes, cities, towns, castles, and villages, their customs, modes and manners, languages, religions and inexhaustible treasure : with their governments and policy, variety of trade and barter : and also of their wonderful plants, beasts, birds and serpents : collected and translated from most authentick authors and augmented with later observations : illustrated with notes and adorn'd with peculiar maps and proper sculptures
by John Ogilby
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America: being an accurate description of the New World; : containing the original of the inhabitants; the remarkable voyages thither: the conquest of the vast empires of Mexico and Peru, their ancient and later vvars. With their several plantations, many, and rich islands; their cities, fortresses, towns, temples, mountains, and rivers: their habits, customs, manners, and religions; their peculiar plants, beasts, birds, and serpents
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by Graetz, Heinrich, 1817-1891; Bloch, Philipp, 1841-1923; Löwy, Bella, 1853-
page 652

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Racist State Of Oregon passes house Senate bill 3216 five years after this racist incident had taken place all caught on video at the Salem Keizer transit center located in Salem, Oregon.

House Bill 3216
Sponsored by Representative BYNUM, Senators MANNING JR, FREDERICK; Representatives
CHAPTER .................................................
Relating to unlawfully summoning a police officer.
Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Oregon:
SECTION 1. (1) A person may bring a civil action for damages against any person who
knowingly causes a police officer to arrive at a location to contact another person with the
intent to:
(a) Infringe on the other person’s rights under the Oregon or United States Constitutions;
(b) Unlawfully discriminate against the other person;
(c) Cause the other person to feel harassed, humiliated or embarrassed;
(d) Cause the other person to be expelled from a place in which the other person is lawfully located; or
(e) Damage the other person’s:
(A) Reputation or standing within the community; or
(B) Financial, economic, consumer or business prospects or interests.
(2) Upon prevailing in an action under this section, the plaintiff may recover:
(a) The greater of:
(A) Special and general damages, including damages for emotional distress; or
(B) Statutory damages of $250 against each defendant found liable under this section; and
(b) Punitive damages.
(3) The court may award reasonable attorney fees to the prevailing plaintiff in an action
under this section.
(4) A civil action under this section:
(a) May be brought in the small claims department of a circuit court if the total damages
do not exceed the jurisdictional limit of the small claims department.
(b) Does not affect a right or remedy available under any other law of this state.

Social Conscious Media
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Video Submitted & Requested to Upload
"So, a racist client calls me a n****r at work and gets kicked out of my office, then he calls 911 and tells them I assaulted him with a stun gun. (spoiler: I didn't!) In the first few minutes, deputies learn that there was no crime, but they left me in handcuffs anyway - just because they could. I should not have invited law enforcement into my office, but rather spoken with them at the door more than an arms length away. I messed up big-time and lost some of my due process rights, specifically inviting deputies into my office allowed them to handcuff me legally." #BlackAtWork

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