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The Neighbors Dog Is Just Dirty? You Decide.. LOLOLOLOL!!!
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The doorbell camera caught a different suspect, the neighbor's dog is just cold-blooded.. LOLOLOLOL!!!

Sir Sidney Poitier dead: Oscar-winning Hollywood star tragically dies as tributes pour in
10 Views · 10 days ago

Sir Sidney Poitier has tragically died at the age of 94 and tributes to the star have flooded in on Twitter

Kendra G's Father (The Fool) Insults Every Man In The World
4 Views · 15 days ago

Some of these fathers are getting out of control with telling their daughters they are better off without a man. They are setting them up for being alone for the rest of their lives. What father who says he loves his daughter would tell her this?

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This is your uncle Raulh of Please Act Right. During my years of dating I have come to realize there are a lot of women out there who don’t truly understand what relationships, marriage or having a husband is really about. When you love someone you can not be selfish. You will want that person to be as happy as you want to be yourself. Your spouse is not your child. I hear so many people say that once they get married they never want to get divorced, divorce is not an option. However, I watch women enter into a relationship and make their significant other/husband work entirely too hard to keep the peace between the two. My videos are to help people understand why most women lose their man from the mans perspective. If you truly want your marriage to work or save your marriage, you have to understand it’s not going to go exactly the way you saw it in your dreams as you were growing up. Marriage is for grown folks and only grown folks can make it work.
#Pleaseactright #KendraG #Singlewomen

How Old School Stops Porch Pirates.  Dude Won't Be Back For Another Porch Package. LOLOLOL
24 Views · 19 days ago

DETROIT, MI - Old Man FINALLY Catches Up With A Porch Pirate. Lesson Learned? You Decide. LOLOLOL!!!

Robbery Gone Wrong - This Thief Made The Biggest Mistake Of His Life.. LOLOL!!!
22 Views · 20 days ago

This Thief Made the Biggest Mistake of His .. I Bet He Never Tries It Again.. That Dog? Ain't No Fool.. LOLOLOL!!!

White Bikers Refused Passage Through A Homeland Land In Africa. EEEYESSS!!!
20 Views · 2 months ago

White Bikers Refused To Be Allowed Passage Through A Homeland On The Continent Of Mother Africa...

Sheriff provides update on remains of 8-year-old boy found, charges filed
8 Views · 3 months ago

WATCH LIVE: That White Neanderthal Demonic Beast BEAT An 8 Year Old Boy To Death.. And? Broke The Jaw Of His Brother.. Then He And The Child's Mother Left The Dead 8 Years Old Boy In An Empty Apartment For Over A YEAR To Rot.. They Found The Little 8 Year Old Boy Skeletal Remains.. And? The Mother Did Nothing.. She Just Went Out Partying With The Demon And Left Those Children Alone With Their Dead Brother For Over ONE YEAR!! Incredible...

Incredible: Court Docs Say 2 Kids Saw Brother’s Beating Death By White Demon Beast.
6 Views · 3 months ago

Documents State That The Two Older Children Saw The 7 Year Old Black Male Child Beat To Death By The Demonic Beast's White Boyfriend.. They Were Made To Live In The House With Their Rotting Dead Younger Brother's Body For Over THREE Years.. However? The Black Mother Stayed With Her White Boyfriend.. Incredible..

Nurse Says Nursing Home Patient Confessed To Causing A Ly*ching In Louisana During The 1930s
6 Views · 4 months ago

Phillip Scott reports on a nurse sharing a story where a patient confessed to lying on a young Brotha during the 1930s in Louisiana. It caused a ly*ching and she sat there watching it happen.

This Is How Black Women Plot Against Black Men. Black Man? Watch Your Back.
8 Views · 4 months ago

Basically we got black women sitting around letting Becky and Brad gaslight them. I never thought I would hear these two (black women and zaddy) literally sit and plot together, but I did and now you'll hear it as well. Let's talk about it!

#BlackWomen #BlackCulture #blackmen

About Me
My name is Kendra (my government name), but I’m also known around the Black Manosphere as DJ Fish Grease. That’s because I COOK, and I’m talking DEEP FRY, the foolishness that goes on in our communities. I’m really not a mean person, I just have a low tolerance for people, groups or institutions that play games with the lives of people I love. Like many of you, I fought the clutches of feminism (by extension, the gynocracy) all my life and I have happily supported Red Pill men throughout my lifetime (my father, husband, son, family members and friends.) I consider myself a Red Pill woman since birth. I was in a 20 year marriage before my husband passed away. He and I raised two children together (I have no biological kids, I raised my brother and sister practically from birth.) I belonged to a local Baptist Church but converted to Islam at the age of 18 - so I have a connection and a strong knowledge of both. I currently live in Chicago with family, not the good part unfortunately :-( …Go Bears!

About The Channel
This show is a place where I invite you to travel with me on feminine journey. Get ready to talk, laugh, scream and cry as we come to understand who we are and the value we possess as Black women. As a woman over 40, I have lots of wisdom to impart with a unique and unapologetic perspective. I will discuss topics I have conducted years of study on or thoroughly researched. This is a place of sisterhood, knowledge, wisdom, and healing. We will go from surviving, to striving, to thriving as we reclaim the values that made us more powerful as women, as mothers, as daughters, as sisters, as wives, and as a community.

About You
If you are a woman (or a young girl) looking for a friendly space with powerful information, tools and solutions you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to give you a daily dose of feminine power from a Red Pill perspective while having fun doing it.

I want ladies to benefit from my channel in 5 distinctive ways:
1. Understand feminism and the gynocracy
2. Raise your level of awareness and consciousness
3. Utilize the 10 Life Values and other proven methods
4. Completely understand your female nature & nurture
5. Master your femininity to fulfill your supporting role

So, please make yourselves comfortable and enjoy!

Kind regards,
Kendra - Femininity Coach & Author

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Police Mistakenly Arrest Young Black Man For Robbery
9 Views · 4 months ago

Police officers arrest a Young Black Man for a robbery. A video has surfaced showing a group of officers in Grand Rapids, Michigan allegedly arresting a Black man outside of a McDonald’s for a robbery that he reportedly had nothing to do with. The Young Man Had Been In The McDonalds For TWO HOURS Showing His Innocence. As The McDonnalds Video Revealed...

AI robots take off, with Boston Dynamics. Beyond Atlas. The Future Yall..
12 Views · 5 months ago

This Is The Future For All You Younguns Out Here.. So? Yall Got To Get Out Of That Warehouse Mentality And Start Learning And Teaching Your Kids To Learn This Is Where The Money Will Be Made.. Yep...

Two Arrested  For Stealing  Skulls & Other Remains From Black People's Graves.
15 Views · 5 months ago

Sheriff Grady Judd is giving details about two suspects who were arrested in Polk County for stealing four human heads and other remains from graves in Mount Dora (Lake County) back in December 2020. We can't even rest when we pass away.. Incredible...

Sha’carri Richardson finishes ((LAST)) To Jamaicans in Diamond league. LOLOLOLOL!!!
8 Views · 5 months ago

Full race: Diamonds league women’s 100m. I Guess The Power Of The Blond Weave And Fake Nails And Eye Lashes? Didn't Work.. LOLOLOLOL!!!

Inside the lab: How does Atlas work? We Can Do This To..
9 Views · 5 months ago

Go behind the scenes at Boston Dynamics with the Atlas Team as we work to train multiple Atlas robots to maneuver their way through our most complex parkour course yet. The team pushes Atlas to its limits to discover the next generation of mobility, perception, and athletic intelligence.Why do our robots do parkour? Get a closer look in our blog:
It's Time To Get Our Kids Back In School.. Point Blank Period.. Jus sayin.. Yep...

5 Views · 5 months ago

Parkour is the perfect sandbox for the Atlas team at Boston Dynamics to experiment with new behaviors. In this video our humanoid robots demonstrate their whole-body athletics, maintaining its balance through a variety of rapidly changing, high-energy activities. Through jumps, balance beams, and vaults, we demonstrate how we push Atlas to its limits to discover the next generation of mobility, perception, and athletic intelligence.

How does Atlas do parkour? Go behind the scenes in the lab:

Parkour Atlas:
More Parkour Atlas:

#BostonDynamics #Atlas #Parkour

Spot on Site: Construction Solution
6 Views · 5 months ago

Spot provides autonomous data capture for construction and brings automation to the field for efficient data collection. Accurately and frequently capture the reality of your jobsite and act on valuable data insights. Learn more at:

Afghanistan Family Fears for Life Against Taliban, Stuck in Country
16 Views · 5 months ago

In a BNC exclusive, Del Waters of “DC Today” is joined by a man who, along with his wife and two daughters, is stuck in Afghanistan as the Taliban continues their takeover. BNC NEWS (BLACK NEWS NETWORK)

Graphic: Woman screams for help in van last seen in Santa Clarita area
17 Views · 5 months ago

Shocking video showed a woman screaming for help inside a van last seen in the Santa Clarita California Area. Watch And See What The Punk Ass White Boy Does..

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