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No Justice, no peace ✊🏿
My take, in part, told in 2 minutes...
On location @ San Francisco City Hall and Ella Hill Hutch in The Fillmore District.
Athletes • United • 4 • Justice, the movement leading to sustainable change.
My organic reality of Black injustice and how it impacted me and my former teammate Donald Robinson as we watched my brother receive a jail sentence of 25 years, my cousin 85 years and the individual who actually committed the crimes received 18 months.
Brothers profile: Black male 23 years of age
(25 years)
Cousins profile: Black male 30 years of age
(85 years)
The Bank Robber: White female 27 years of age
(18 months)
Mind you, as sentences were being handed the judge rocked by and forth in his chair while eating a sneakers Candy...
Robbing banks during the height of the Crack Pandemic in black communities, although a crime, was the means to support a drug habit.
All three of the above mentioned were hooked on drugs. Two received the iron disk of the law. The other individual received the the luxury of rehabilitation and forgiveness under the law.
My solution, start writing and producing small films depicting the truths of drugs, slavery and presidential injustices placed upon blacks and their communities.
King Heroin The Movie,
Written and produced by
Thaxter Arterberry

How can we help financially assist and save small black businesses?
Tainted Treatz
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-Jay King, CEO and president of California Black Chamber of Commerce (CBCC) recently announced the launch of a special COVID-19 GoFundMe campaign to financially assist and save small black business in the state of California.


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California Black Chamber of Commerce - President/CEO Jay King - Everybody Pitch In
Tainted Treatz
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Please Visit the Link Below to Pitch-In:


Jay King, the CEO and President of the California Black Chamber of Commerce (CBCC), has announced the launch of a special Covid-19 "Everybody Pitch In" GoFundMe campaign, to assist and save California-based small Black businesses. Even with the recent passage of the CARES Act, a $2 trillion-dollar Covid-19 stimulus bill, King is concerned that small Black enterprises will be overlooked. As the largest African American non-profit business organization, representing thousands of small and emerging businesses, affiliates and chambers of commerce throughout California, the CBCC is extremely concerned about the aftermath of Covid-19 which has immobilized and shut down businesses around the entire world.

California is a large and crucial market. With an estimated 42 million Blacks in the United States, there are 2.3 million in California. The California Black Chamber of Commerce has over 4,200 registered small businesses throughout the state. A large percentage of these businesses consist of sole proprietors who rely on their businesses' income to survive. COVID-19 has had an unforgivable impact on this already marginalized and fragile, small Black business community. From the mom and pop eateries, barbershops and corner stores, to business professionals, the impact of this pandemic is projected to decimate this entire workforce.

"What many don't realize is that Black spending power in California is $96 billion," asserts King. "If this community is annihilated, so is the entire economy. We have to protect these businesses because they are absolutely an integral part of the state's overall economic equation," cites King. "Our office is already receiving calls from small business proprietors informing us that they are receiving rejection letters from their local municipalities and other agencies set up to give relief to small businesses. With our 'Everybody Pitch In' campaign, we hope to support micro businesses and small business owners who don't qualify for the loan programs in the stimulus package."

A wealth of evidence demonstrates the distinctive difficulties that entrepreneurs of color typically face when it comes to receiving business funding. African American small business owners have been historically targeted for destruction, by prejudiced banking practices, and institutional racism supported and encouraged by the government, its agencies and elected officials.

"African American small business owners are so compromised financially that we have to do everything we can to keep them afloat and if that means reaching out to the Black community statewide, that is what we will do. If we as a people don't personally support our African American business community, why should anyone else? If we each donated $5.00, we could raise over 10 million dollars for our small business community, so our goal isn't unachievable. If we are able to get the government and private sector involved, we could raise ten times that amount," proposes King.

With the survival and longevity of small Black businesses a pressing concern, King has also initiated a statewide call to action to the private sector, requesting banks, multinational corporations, the technology industry and philanthropic organizations to provide $50 million in funding for grants for African American small business owners. He cites a report published far before the impact of the current Coronavirus event, by Prosperity Now and the Institute for Policy Studies in 2017, that the median wealth of black Americans could fall to zero by 2053. King is seeking fast and deliberate measures to mitigate this foreseeable economic devastation.

Unboxing Tainted Treatz
Tainted Treatz
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With medical marijuana legalized in more and more states and progressive politicians supporting the cause left and right, most of us are familiar with the health benefits of this cannabis plant. However, a fundamental question is what's the healthiest way to consume marijuana? At Tainted Treatz, we care and we are in support of the most healthy ways for you to take in your medication. We provide top quality products you can use to enjoy a good bud. Check us out today!

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Interview: Tainted Treatz.Online Marijuana Accessories. Queenz of Queenz Radio
Tainted Treatz
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Tainted Treatz. Online marijuana accessories. Discount Queenz20, for 20% off. Queenz of Queenz Radio. Dec 14, 2018. Hosts: Queen Myesha and Queen Shavaka.

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