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Stop Being Nice About Making Money
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Theirs this quote by Doctor Jordan Peterson and he says, you want to be a completely monster in life, but also be in full control of that inner monster ( incase you ever need to use it ). You don’t want to be Mr.Nice Guy or Gal and that’s all you can be, because people take advantage of those people sometimes.

So this video is mostly focus on money, and places that I think people are to nice and could be a little more Firm and Confrontational to get what they deserve. SO if you don’t like asking for things, confrontational or any of the stuff, you need to watch this video.

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0:00 Intro
3:00 Not Asking For A Raise
5:41 Not Looking For Other Jobs
8:18 Not Negotiating
11:46 Being Mr/Ms We Can Always Count On
15:58 Learning When To Call It Quits
17:23 Outro

1. Not asking for a Raise or for what you deserve( because you are just so grateful you got the opportunity )
- Stop apologizing for wanting more money, it doesn’t mean you are money hungry, what it means you want what you deserve ( your value)
- If you work a job for along time or haven’t raised prices in a while, but the market is reflecting something different, its time to ask

Ps; For the people that say
- IM not in it for the money
- I just want to cover my basic needs
- I just want to give it all away

2. Not looking for other jobs ( because you want to be 100 and be loyal to core lol, but then you get laid off)
- My uncle is the most loyal person I have legit evermet in my entire life ( but that also gets him in trouble sometimes )
- He could License and a few certificated and leave the company and make atleast 50% more money but really wants to be apart of the company

Ps. Use Offers from other jobs to Negotiate Potentially after trying once to a Raise
- My cousin is Doing this at a logistics company and got 2 raises so far but is still leaving to make more money
- When the job market is hot and you got some good skills its okay to go somewhere else

3. Not Negotiating ( Car, House/apartment, New Job )
- This has to do a lot about being to nice, embarrassed and not trying to initiate any confrontation
- Negotiating even 3% discount on something is a massive deal with big tickets items

Car: don’t look at the MSRP look at the Dealer Invoice ( dealer Cost )
Link: https://help.edmunds.com/hc/en....-us/articles/2061023

House: Neogitiating that they pay Closing Cost, Home warranty, House Price or even furniture
- Apartment: rent

Job: what they want to pay you is called an offer not mandate ( I think a lot of get scared but its all about your value baby )

4. Being Mr/Ms we can always Count on ( Say No when you cant )
- This includes lending family money or Doing Work for free for other people or less than you are worth ( also always saying yes to everytime people ask for your time or money, especially when its not in your best interest )
- I understand the fear and the stigma potentially but you gotta look for you and saying yes is always saying no to something else

5. Learning when to call it Quits on Financial Detrimental Relationships
- This can be friends, Family or Romantic relationship
- You don’t have to end things per say, but you have to end your reactions to those things and set up your boundaries and stick to it

Bonus: when you do this, you might lose some friends but if someone only likes you for what you can do and not for who you are ( that’s not real bro )




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*Some of the links and other products that appear on this video are from companies in which Tommy Bryson will earn an affiliate commission or referral bonus. Tommy Bryson is part of an affiliate network and receives compensation for sending traffic to partner sites. The content in this video is accurate as of the posting date. Some of the offers mentioned may no longer be available. I'm an Accountant but I'm not your Accountant, always review information with your Accountant/CPA and your Financial Advisor.

A Breakdown Of Warren Buffett’s Investment Portfolio 2021
Wise Phenomenal
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Warren Buffet, since this video is about him and his portfolio, I think its good idea to start it off with on of his quotes. “ Its important to have people that you look up to in life that you never want to let down “, it keeps grouned. I added that last part. ( but it’s a powerful quotes, and I think everyone should give it some thought)

But seriously since Warren and Charlie Munger are always a guess on my Channel lol jk. I though this video would be a good idea, a video breakdown Warren Buffets portfolio.

But then I started doing research and it kinda felt like useless information ( let me explain). When ever you search on google or youtube, the common answers are Apple, Bank of America, and Cocola and he owns a lot of shares and gets paid a lot of money. ( that’s obvios) But that doesn’t tell you why they are good investments, how to pick those companies and why.

So I decided to break this video down in 3 parts. Part one is talking about the 10 princibles of the way warren buffets invest. Part 2, is what you should do and read to become a good investor and part 3 is looking at his portolfio ( because I do understand that it is fun ) but not just the good also the bad.

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1. Investing Principles
- What works with billions does work with thousands (1)
- Margin of Safety(2)
- Companies with a moat (3) Good will and branding
- When your wrong admit it and move on (4)
- You only need to be right a few times (5)
- Invest in what you understand and know (6)
- Price and Value are not the same (7)
- Be Patient but in a hurry (8)
- Stocks are business not pieces of papers (9)
- Trying to make a good deal with a bad person is never good idea (10)

2. Guide to Invest his way : Books and Courses
- Finance, Accounting, Time

Finance is the Skill: to Look into the future and make educated assumptions, and they don’t have to be exact.
- For example I can tell you over the never 10-20 years the s&p is probably going to make 8-12%
- Because I can look back in history and see that makes sense
- But I cant tell you what its going to do tomorrow and that’s find

Accounting: It’s the Skills to understand whats going on right now ( Present)
- Its looking a business balance sheet, Income statement and cash flow statement and saying the business is healthy or its dead
- Its being to tell that a business to 20M dollars in assets and 100m in liabilities and negative cash flow might be a problem

Time: I also use the digging for Gold example, because just because you know how to do it, doesn’t mean you’ll find it immediately )
- For example, it can take Warren an entire year to make a single investments
- Because you have to constantly be looking for good Deals

How to learn these Skills
- Warren went to College to learn accounting and finance ( and patient is something he always had, so we can say his Fat )
- But for some of you A simple textbook will do the job
- But for me it wouldn’t, I need structure, deadlines, and peers

3. Analyze his portfolio
- For context, Warren is a majority shareholder in Berkshire hatchway, which is the owner of a lot of other companies )
- Its like how Google Owns, youtube, Waze, and even Fitbit
- For the curious Warren owns around 16.45% of the companies, last time I checked on google so don’t believe these numbers and his worth almost 100billion

The Bad
- Two insurance companies ( before Geico) – found out from the wealth of wisdom
- Texttile company ( Berkshire Hathaway) the 20 year mistake
- Conveniece clothing store




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*Some of the links and other products that appear on this video are from companies in which Tommy Bryson will earn an affiliate commission or referral bonus. Tommy Bryson is part of an affiliate network and receives compensation for sending traffic to partner sites. The content in this video is accurate as of the posting date. Some of the offers mentioned may no longer be available. I'm an Accountant but I'm not your Accountant, always review information with your Accountant/CPA and your Financial Advisor.

6 reasons to NOT Buy a Car Wash
Wise Phenomenal
2 Views · 1 day ago

Are car Washes a good or bad business to own? How much do they cost and make? We explore critical data most sellers wont tell you!

1. You think A Self Serve car wash is easy to operate and a good passive business. Self serve bays are somewhat easier, these are the washes where people come in and spray their own car, but they still need repairs and upkeep, someone needs to check chemical levels etc. so are not truly 100% passive. You still need to clean up after people, and people do stupid things that will cost you money. Repairs cost a fortune as it is specialized equipment, most general plumbers or electricians wont work on car washes. If you are prepared to spend some time learning your equipment, doing some cleanup yourself you will be further ahead. You can hire someone do do this but it cuts into margins. Profits vary widely, if you are in a low traffic area you wont make much, but industry norms for a decent location are around $1500 a month gross revenue per bay, that drops a bit if you have a lot of bays. You'll need your location, and land in cities isn't cheap, equipment like a pumping unit, in bay equipment, signage and more. Start up can be around 8k-12k per bay plus real estate, property and business taxes etc. It can be easier and cheaper to find a resale wash you can find those occasionally for less than land value if the business has been neglected. You can update the location add credit card payments, a support line, website, renew the equipment and signage, all will help to build back business. Accepted industry asking prices are generally around 3-5X gross revenue for a resale. Remember, these businesses all take more time than you think - did you consider counting coins? This alone can take a couple of hours per week.

2. Your strategy is to open across the street, be better than the competition and steal their business. In other businesses this strategy can work - car washes not so much. So you see a wildly successful car wash and open a location next door, give better pricing or better service to steal their customer base. Here is the problem with car washes, best case scenario you drive the other car wash out of business. Mission accomplished right? Wrong. The bank will likely take that car wash, sell it for pennies on the dollar, and a new owner with a much smaller debt service than you opens up. A car wash is a single use property. Nobody is turning that car wash into a salon or a burger joint. Every time that car wash reopens, its usually a new owner starting a car wash and taking customers from you, and if their debt is low they may price you out of the market.

3. You think its easy and cheap to start one from scratch. Try and get a permit! It is not as easy as you think. Many cities have a negative opinion of car washes due to the environmental impact. There are greener options today but government is slow to change. What are the costs to start a car wash. You can find resale washes online from under $100k to into the millions. Obviously the lower priced locations are in most cases struggling. Opening a new self service car wash not including the land, which can be a huge investment itself, you are looking at around $40k per bay. Mobile car washing and detailing will be a lot less, basically your vehicle, your equipment and your marketing. A tunnel type wash can make a lot more money as it is automated and can do upwards of 1000 cars a day. Its also a lot more money. Your tunnel Equipment, Blowers, Conveyor, Hydraulics, Pumping Stations, Arches, Boiler around $700k. A water treatment and reclaiming system is a good idea, and may be the only way you get a permit, around $150k, your electronics, tunnel controllers, relays and various electrical around $200k. So you are already over a million and haven't even looked at a vacuum system, heating system, signage, landscaping, planning and permitting and your real estate. So these types of car washes can be a significant investment up to 5 million in some areas, and dont forget the equipment will often need repairs or replacing.
If you are looking at starting a mobile wash you can make extra money by servicing vehicle fleets and dealerships, not just focusing on private owners. Those are typically a contract and has a more predictable revenue stream. Some pressure wash companies will wash pretty much anything, like exteriors of homes and this can expand your customer base. There are franchise in this space whose top 10% are making over 1.8m a year. Investment $50k down $100k net worth investment around $80k all-in, give us a call if you want to take a look at franchise businesses.


Why You Should Look Your Best Every Day
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3 Views · 1 day ago

Hi Darlings!

For today's video, we're chatting about looking your best! Not looking perfect, but doing what you can with what you have available to you. I have to say, this might be one of my favorite videos I've done recently so I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!


00:00 Introduction
2:09 Effort here means effort there
4:41 You might run into an LA Clippers player (storytime)
8:14 You have VALUE
10:08 Productivity beckons
12:47 Creativity abounds
14:01 TW: mental health
14:57 Most Important Tip!
17:40 Ending message ❤️

WOMAN OF YOUR DREAMS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/tNyuTOSnTv8

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Music: Vlad Gluschenko — Spark of Light
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
♥ Where To Start♥
ACTIVATE Your Feminine Energy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMsy9...
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Hi there! I'm so glad you've stumbled across my channel! And if you're reading all the way down here, you're a real one. I'm an actress, dancer, pageant queen and lover of all things girly and feminine. Growing up in pageants and theatre, I've formed a love affair with etiquette and the idea of becoming a princess. I've seen Princess Diaries more times than I can count, and have read countless articles on the Royal Family.
Here, you'll find videos about class, grace, elegance and all things girly! I hope you enjoy and subscribe! Videos are posted every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday!

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Black-Owned Beauty Supply #178 in Cleveland, OH
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Hear the feedback from a black-owned beauty supply store owner in Cleveland, OH that opened using Beauty Supply Institute.
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Black-Owned Beauty Supply #174 in Phoenix, AZ
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Hear the feedback from a black-owned beauty supply store owner in Phoenix, AZ that opened using Beauty Supply Institute.
Click here https://calendly.com/beautysup....plyinstitute/storeow to book an appointment with a consultant.
Learn more at https://BeautySupplyInstitute.com
Check out:

How Much Do I Need to Open a Beauty Supply Store
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1 Views · 1 day ago

Tanisha’s Beauty Supply discusses approximately how much you would need to open your own beauty supply store. Subscribe for updates for owning and operating your own beauty supply store. 

Beauty Supply Institute Store Owners Texas | North Houston, TX #173
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1 Views · 1 day ago

This couple attended our conference and decided store ownership was best for them. They began their journey with us and was able to get opened in a few short months. This is our store #173. Completed June 5, 2021

8 GREAT Benefits of COLD Showers
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2 Views · 2 days ago

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Taking cold showers can have physical and mental benefits. In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses 8 great benefits of cold showers.

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10 Casual Shoes Men Need https://youtu.be/AXD7sAMAwHg
How To Wear Dress Shoes Casually https://youtu.be/R2ZRS9lmxxM

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Beginner Investing 2022 - How to Buy The DIP & PROFIT - Wallstreet Trapper - Leon Howard
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Wall Street Trapper Beginner Investing Tips Leon Howard Beginner Investing How to Buy The DIP Wallstreet Trapper. Be sure to checkout Wall Street Trapper channel https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCR6hXiWOlFWc46qMF

Howard spent years behind bars at the Louisiana State Penitentiary, starting from when he was a teen. During his time in prison, Howard did hard labor and cut down trees for 8 cents an hour.

However, his life trajectory changed when a fellow inmate told him about the stock market. After that pivotal conversation, Howard started reading about the market in books and newspapers and watching CNBC every morning.

Howard is the founder of From the Trap to Wallstreet, which is a movement “dedicated to empowering and improving the financial mindset of urban America,”


Trappers Anonymous Group: https://join.trappersanonymous.com/
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Mack Lessons EP# 269 Male Attention Whoring Syndrome
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In this episode of The Mack Lessons Radio, Tariq Nasheed is just choppin up some game in general

All credit giving to the original holder of the image(s) use.
“No copyright infringement is intended”

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what does a zombie house look like-how much are repairs
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Today I want to take you inside a Zombie house to make sure you understand the condition of the properties you'll be making offers on. These houses are in disrepair which is the reason we buy them at a discount. You'll be shocked at the way some people live so we have to learn to be empathetic when we visit these houses. This house needs a complete GUT JOB. People are living in here with no floors and the bathroom is barely usable. Merry Christmas, use the coupon code "JOY" for 50% off all my training at https://www.therealestateroundup.com/

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00:00- Intro
2:15 - Let's look at the exterior of the house
4:12 - The kitchen looks like it can't be used
5:32 - We'll have to address the oil tank in the ground
7:13 - The bathroom has tape on the walls to stop the water
9:10 - Let's hear what my daughters think of that house

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#whatisazombiehouse, #zombiehouseflipping, #wheretofindzombiehouses

How to Pick Bottoms in the Market | Oliver Velez
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Whether you’re an investor or trader, several groundbreaking live presentations. Check them out here!

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About MoneyShow

Founded in 1981, MoneyShow is a privately held financial media company headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. As a global network of investing and trading education, MoneyShow presents an extensive agenda of live and online events that attract over 75,000 investors, traders, and financial advisors around the world. We are proud to bring together individuals, top market experts, analysts, and media in dynamic, face-to-face, and online learning forums that include highly acclaimed investment shows, conferences, and cruises.

For more than three decades, we've been empowering individuals with a passion for investing and trading. We arm individual investors and traders with state-of-the-art tools, a powerful skill set, and a clear understanding of the markets so they can pave their own path to profitability.

5 things to do *DIFFERENTLY* with your money (starting today!!) | FRUGAL LIVING AND MONEY SAVING
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3 Views · 4 days ago

Frugal living tips - Money saving tips - Money saving hacks. Here's a look at a few things to start doing differently to save more money and be better with money.

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Signs She Belongs To The Streets (@The Alpha Male Strategies Show)
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How is Inherited Property Taxed?
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Inherited property is treated differently than gifted property, although it shares similarities. The adjustment of basis on inherited property is dependent upon who is inheriting the property and what state you are in. If you inherit property or assets, as opposed to cash, you generally don’t owe taxes until you sell those assets due to what’s known as a stepped-up in cost basis. This Retirement Concept video will cover how this transaction could play out for you when someone leaves you certain assets.

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?Prayer Closet Tour | My War Room |How I made my prayer closet  October 16, 2021
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I decided to share my prayer closet today with the hopes of inspiring someone else to make their own prayer closet. If you already have a designated place in your home that you go to pray let us know in the comments😁.

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DECORATE WITH ME| prayer closet | war room | Tour + Haul| Edilia Alves
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+Hi guys !
Thank you so much for watching

+Do you have a prayer closet ? If not will you now create one ?
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Top 10 HBCU Homecoming Celebrations (in no order) | Black Excellist
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Top 10 HBCU Homecoming Celebrations (in no order) | Black Excellist
From the football game to the marching bands to the concerts and tailgating, the same events have been argued ad nauseam in a weak effort to prove whose homecoming experience is the best. There is no deciding factor. The truth is, all HBCUs possess a similar roster of events, highlighted by celebrating our Blackness, fashion, food, and non-stop fun.

For those of you who have attended an HBCU homecoming or have had the pleasure of attending one, you will never forget the smell of Homecoming barbecue & fish fries, the sound of sorority songs and fraternity chants, the vibration of the band as majorette dancers perform. It’s the perfect moment of Black joy and unity, as active students and returning alumni celebrate what they have classified as Fall’s biggest event.
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We are the largest community of Black Excellence Enthusiasts in the world. We celebrate Black Excellence, Opulence, and Affluence as we enlighten and inspire you.
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