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The Terms “People Of Color” & “Black & Brown” Is Used To Dismiss Our Existence
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19 Views · 13 days ago

We must as a collective stop using these terms and call out any politician that uses those terms. We’re Black. There is no classification in the US called POC or Black and Brown.

This Is The Best Time To Close A Trade
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2 Views · 20 days ago

When is the best time to take your profits and close a trade? Knowing when to exit stock and options positions is important to your trading plan. In this video, we will discuss 2 methods of how you'll know when it's a good time to get out of a trade.

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(0:00): Intro
(1:58): Creating A Trading Plan
(2:37): Reasons To Exit A Trade
(3:16): When To Take Profits
(5:17): Using Technical Analysis For Exit Points
(7:00): Tips

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Black Girl Stocks was created by FoxTail Digital to create simplistic videos on How to Start Trading Stocks and Options, Swing Trading, Day Trading, and Stock Cart basics. This channel Is made for beginners ready to start investing for the first time.
FoxTail is a passionate music producer and videographer in Dallas, TX expanding knowledge in the stock market. I strive to provide the easiest methods of trading and change your life.

How To Invest In Out Of State Rentals With Welby Accely | Rants & Gems #49
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3 Views · 1 month ago

In this episode Matt Garland and Quiana Watson unpack Welby Accelys out of state real estate investment strategy. Want to learn how to look for out of state deals? If so, grab a pen and pad. From losing it all to coming all the way up Welby’s interview is one that will leave you inspired.

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Kevin Samuels posthumous appearance on Atlanta Season  3
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10 Views · 1 month ago

If you don't watch Atlanta, you are missing all the fun!

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What Does The Tulsa Reparations Lawsuit Mean For FBA?
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2 Views · 2 months ago

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Superficial Twin Sisters Miss Out On Great Guys || STEVE HARVEY
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7 Views · 3 months ago

Steve sets up twin sisters on dates with two men that meet all of their qualifications, but there’s a twist. The men were disguised, giving the illusion that they weren’t as attractive.

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You won't believe what the government did to steal black wealth - Dr Boyce Watkins
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9 Views · 3 months ago

Since they don't teach black history in school, we are going to do this ourselves. Tonight, we are going to cover 85 laws that were passed to harm and control black people.

This comes from the book, "Black Labor White Wealth" by Dr Claud Anderson and allows us to fully explain exactly why the world owes reparations to black people. It's not just the US government that owes reparations, but also the catholic church and many other American insitutions.

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10 Black Owned Companies on Wall Street | Buy Black Stocks
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8 Views · 4 months ago

10 Black Owned Companies on Wall Street | Buy Black Stocks
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It is no doubt that Black Americans have historically experienced inequality in business and across the board here in the United States. But through hard work and dedication, a growing percentage of the black population have begun to prosper into success. Starting and maintaining a successful business is extremely challenging for anyone, but especially as a black person. And now Black Businesses and entrepreneurs are struggling to keep the doors open during a pandemic. This is due in part because most of U.S. black-owned small businesses are highly concentrated in retail, restaurants and other service industries most affected by shutdowns and social distancing.

But we are here to celebrate the survivors. Here is a list of Black-owned companies that have been approved by the Securities and Exchange or the S.E.C. and have become publicly-traded companies that you can purchase stock in.

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We are the largest community of Black Excellence Enthusiasts in the world. We celebrate Black Excellence, Opulence, and Affluence as we enlighten and inspire you.
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Most Desirable Skills for a Man
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6 Views · 4 months ago

The social side of success.........

Don't get mad at me; it was posted on Tariq Nasheed's page.
Above All That Drama
22 Views · 4 months ago

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Understand This To Get Rich Off Of War & Inflation | Profit From Inflation
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8 Views · 4 months ago

Understand This To Get Rich Off Of War & Inflation | Profit From Inflation


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Learn To Embrace Conflict & Jealousy
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8 Views · 4 months ago

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@Kevin Samuels talks IMAGE OF A BLACK MAN and why we should STEP OUR SUIT GAME UP to young Swae
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10 Views · 4 months ago

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NY Gov Gives $10M To Asian American Groups Impacted By The Pandemic
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10 Views · 4 months ago

Vicki Dillard reports on NY Gov. Kathy Hochul giving $10M to Asians for the pandemic.

Trading Stocks Made Easy #176:  Value Investing 2022
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8 Views · 4 months ago

http://www.witradeschool.com  In episode #176 of the Trading Stocks Made Easy Podcast, Tyrone Jackson talks about Value Investing in 2022.  Follow Tyrone's weekly trades at: http://www.witradeschool.com Experienced traders know that discipline is the key to success. Inexperienced traders lose significant amount of trading capital when greed trumps discipline. Take Tyrone Jackson's advice and you, too, can be a six figure trader.  http://www.thewealthyinvestor.net

what does *LIFESTYLE CREEP* really look like?!? | FRUGAL LIVING TIPS
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22 Views · 4 months ago

What is lifestyle creep and what does it really look like? Frugal living - How to save money - Money saving tips

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How I Got Started With 12 Box Trucks
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8 Views · 4 months ago

#trucknhustle #trucknhustlepodcast #trucks

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In this video Mike Nelms talks about his early struggles in the trucking business

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This Is Exactly How I Became A Profitable Trader
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10 Views · 4 months ago

This CLIP was taken from a live session with Oliver Velez. To watch the complete version go to:

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