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White Daycare Worker Accused Of Breaking 2-Month-Old Black Baby's Bones
Black Global Village
28,450 Views · 3 years ago

Jessica Joy Wiese, 44, was arrested and booked into the Collin County Jail for Injury to a Child.

I Will Never Denounce Minister Louis Farrakhan & You Shouldn't Either
Lisa Cabrera
909 Views · 3 years ago

The media is going hard after Min. Louis Farrakhan after the recent terrorist attacks over a 72 hour period.

Ice Cube & BIG 3 Sue Qatari Investors for 1.2B - 2018 Season in June
225 Views · 4 years ago

Ice Cube and his partner are going after Qatari Investment Authority, a group of investors to the sum of $1.2 billion. The Investment Group had agreed to invest $5 million into the league and become passive investors. However, the group failed to uphold their end of the obligation despite being allowed to insert themselves in the affairs of the team. One member of the investment group went so far as to threaten the life of Cube's co-partner (Kwatinetz).

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David Lammy Blasts U.K. on Windrush Caribbean Deportation
186 Views · 4 years ago

David Lindon Lammy (MP) is a British Labour Party politician, who has been the Member of Parliament for Tottenham since 2000.

Also an outspoken activist for Black rights in the U.K. he recently went at opposing party leaders on the planned deportation of the descendants of the Caribbeans who were part of the Windrush migration.

Shared from Channel 4 News:

California Store Clerk Called Cop On A Black Man Asking For A Refund
Lisa Cabrera
1,174 Views · 4 years ago

California Store Clerk Calls Cops on Black Man Who Asked for Refund; Black Man Gets Beaten Bloody

The True Royal Family
333 Views · 4 years ago


Elementary School Student Dragged Off Bus By White Driver
398 Views · 4 years ago

An elementary school employee is being investigated by SCS after a 7-year-old was dragged off a bus by his feet.

COMMENTS: I realize times are different but there was a time when a child this age would face disciplinary action--you know principal's office, parents called, etc. Not dragged feet first off of a narrow bus that could cause serious bodily injury.

I'm sorry but for me and mine, dude would have been sued along with Ms. thing telling the student not to have their phone out, and street justice applied...that is all.

Full story: (WREG News Channel 3)

Cave Guys Can't Loc
Lisa Cabrera
1,246 Views · 4 years ago

Cavemen attempting to wear locs.

iBMOR: Believe NOTHING she says!
Adigun Forest
356 Views · 4 years ago

These women are manipulating you to your own doom!

Real Racism ????
2,324 Views · 4 years ago

Real Racism???

Alex Jones Says 'Barbaric' Africa Should Be Like Wakanda After Colonialism
Black Intelligence
304 Views · 4 years ago

Alex Jones Shared his opinions about White Farmers Being kicked of the South African farmland “… Why is Africa so corrupt? Once the evil colonialists are kicked out, you should have Wakanda,” he said. “It should be like spaceships, ya know, and vibranium and everything.”

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Nurse Who Celebrated Stephon Clark's Murder Reaches GoFundMe Goal $25K
Black Intelligence
236 Views · 4 years ago

“Faith Linthicum, the nurse who wrote that Stephon Clark "deserved it," launched a GoFundMe page Saturday, hoping to raise at least $25,000 to help pay for rent, food and other expenses.”

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They're Ready!
Taurean Reign
1,303 Views · 4 years ago

This is a follow up video to the one I posted the other day about the father with his daughter and the gun. Now you get to really see what he's setting his kids up for and it definitely one to be proud of. Let this be a lesson to other black families in the establishment

Racist Woman Gets Instant Karma After Disrespecting Black Women
The True Royal Family
400 Views · 4 years ago

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Government Sanctioned Murder On The Black Community
Lisa Cabrera
1,781 Views · 4 years ago

Police Shootings In The Black Community

The True Royal Family
821 Views · 4 years ago


They Waited Almost Two Years For This
Taurean Reign
1,271 Views · 4 years ago

I have a feeling of how this will turn out...

White People Are Cowards By Nature
Era Cane
213 Views · 4 years ago


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