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Wise Phenomenal
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5 signs of an alpha-simp

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Casey Neistat interviewed Robert Kyncl from YouTube but Casey Neistat interview did not dig deep enough! Press members contact for TONS of evidence that has been ignored thus far and for the full interview of what this woman had to go through. The interview with Casey Neistat was nothing more than a dance around the really important problems with YouTube. The DARK SIDE of YouTube.

Chris Miller
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This devil should be dead already

Chris Miller
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A devil is walking around Africa dressed like the Devil image of Jesus

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The black media has made the media's black panelists irrelevant. Having no answer for this outlets like CNN can only do more of the same. So they're giving four of their recurring token rejects their own show. Guess how long it will last?

Chris Miller
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Old white woman verbally assaults black women at restaurant for no reason.

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Chris Miller
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Fat Becky's brawl at the baseball game

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Black conservative coon STILL tap dancin for MASSA TRUMP

Chris Miller
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Let's talk about the devil who got John Crawford murdered by lying and calling race soldiers on him

Chris Miller
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Little hobbit honkey goes on a rage filled rant at bagel shop and gets mopped

Chris Miller
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Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife just kicked the bucket. KARMA is a mother fucker

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Youtube gives cover to white women evil/racism

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