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Nicole's View Live With Special Guest Harvey!: Galveston, TX, Mass Shootings, + More
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22 Views · 3 years ago

Join me and Harvey from Your World Your View, as we discuss the latest news and topics!

I'm Back!
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310 Views · 4 years ago

Livestream with the family!

Hey Family!
Nicole's View
216 Views · 4 years ago

Just touching base with the family!

The Manipulation Continues: Bill Cosby's Guilty Verdict Aftermath
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223 Views · 4 years ago

I explain how folks continue to be manipulated by mainstream media with mind control. The Cosby case and verdict was successful in one thing and that's brainwashing the masses into believing Bill Cosby is a predator.

The Illegal Lynching Of Bill Cosby
Nicole's View
234 Views · 4 years ago

Bill Cosby was illegally found guilty today. This evil verdict should be appealed with the quickness.

Nicole's View Exclusive!: Meeting Dru Of Dru Story News At The Bill Cosby Trial
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237 Views · 4 years ago

The title says it all! I love Dru and his channel make sure to subscribe if you haven't.

Welcoming Mr. Bill Cosby To Court This Morning!
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217 Views · 4 years ago

Outside court welcoming Mr. Cosby.

Bill Cosby Re-Trial Day 11 & 12: More Records Of Proof & The Defense's Masterful Closin
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170 Views · 4 years ago

It was a great sight to witness Kathleen Bliss and Tom Mesereau closing arguments today. Those two had stone cold facts and Andrea's own words. Meanwhile, the Prosecution had theatrics and the Asst. Prosecutor's screeching voice echoing throughout the courtroom. I explain.

Bill Cosby Re-Trial Day 9 & 10: Quaaludes And Benadryl & What Assault Cosby Wasn't Home
Nicole's View
194 Views · 4 years ago

As Bill Cosby Trial Winds Down, Defense Shifts To Prove He Was Out Of Town:

Bill Cosby Re-Trial Day 8: Going To The Trial 2nd Time, Saving Janice, Margo Jackson Tells Her Truth
Nicole's View
313 Views · 4 years ago

Another day for the fake farce trial against Bill Cosby and I attend for the 2nd time.

As Cosby trial, publisher Judith Regan’s credibility questioned:

Temple employee in Cosby trial says Constand told her she could set up a celebrity, quit her job and go back to college

Bill Cosby Re-Trial Day 6 & 7: Andrea's Lost Memory & Judge And Prosecution Becomes Des
Nicole's View
220 Views · 4 years ago

The latest up to date news about the fake farce trial against Bill Cosby.

Andrea Constand given homework over weekend; reveals she lied about hiring lawyer, Mesereau asks why she’s there:

Nicole's View Topics: Man Tries To Pull A Zimmerman, #BoycottStarbucks, Cosby Re-Trial Response
Still On The Fence?: My Friend Andie Explains Why She Thinks Cosby Is Now Innocent
Nicole's View
172 Views · 4 years ago

My friend describing what happened in court and why she's now seeing what we've all seen online.

Nicole's View Special: My Experience At The Bill Cosby Re-Trial Day 5
Nicole's View
266 Views · 4 years ago

Here are my thoughts on attending Day 5 of the fake, farce trial against Bill Cosby. Andrea Constand took the stand and her story fell apart like a bad dream.

Bill Cosby Re-Trial Day 3: Drama, Drama, And More Drama Tom Mesereau Raises Reasonable Doubt
Nicole's View
176 Views · 4 years ago

Cosby accuser raises reasonable double on stand, stating a friend gave her quaaludes:

Bill Cosby Re-Trial Day 2: Tom Mesereau Delivers Powerful Opening Statement
Nicole's View
220 Views · 4 years ago

‘She was madly in love with his fame and money’: Bill Cosby’s lawyer paints him as the victim of his sexual assault accuser:

Utterly Reckless: Teacher Files Charges Against 8-Year-Old Autistic Child Who Punched Her
Nicole's View
219 Views · 4 years ago

Teacher Files Charges Against 8-Year-Old Autistic Child Who Allegedly Punched Her:

Disgustingly Desperate: Nicolle Rochelle Acts Like A Wild Hyena At Cosby Trial
Nicole's View
576 Views · 4 years ago

Failed actress Nicolle RochelleIIe goes topless at Cosby trial acting like a wild hyena to protest Cosby. Here are my thoughts on this circus.

Nicole's View Topics: N-Word Knock Out, YouTube HQ Shooting, Young Gifted & Black Backlash
Nicole's View Topics: Clark's Tweets, CDC Dr. Found Dead, Bill Cosby Update, Blackson V.S.
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