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I Will Never Denounce Minister Louis Farrakhan & You Shouldn't Either
Lisa Cabrera
922 Views · 4 years ago

The media is going hard after Min. Louis Farrakhan after the recent terrorist attacks over a 72 hour period.

Rant:  Comment Section Please!
Lisa Cabrera
1,310 Views · 4 years ago

The trolls hate black YT comment sections.

I Have Bronchitis Family
Lisa Cabrera
373 Views · 4 years ago

Many sinus infection has become bronchitis.

Terrorizing or Policing?
Lisa Cabrera
644 Views · 4 years ago

They Can't Live Without Melanated People
Lisa Cabrera
1,289 Views · 4 years ago

Rotted Crops & Economic Loss without Melanated People

White Bitches Are Evil
Lisa Cabrera
2,014 Views · 4 years ago

The evils done by white women

No one can match the black community
Lisa Cabrera
1,501 Views · 4 years ago

Black people are the greatest to ever live on earth.

Whites Have More Compassion For Animals Than Humans
Lisa Cabrera
1,494 Views · 4 years ago

Animals Over Humans

Becky's Fake Lips Are Ugly
Lisa Cabrera
1,555 Views · 4 years ago

Black women look way better with natural full lips. Becky's fake lips are ugly.

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