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I Will Never Denounce Minister Louis Farrakhan & You Shouldn't Either
Lisa Cabrera
922 Views · 4 years ago

The media is going hard after Min. Louis Farrakhan after the recent terrorist attacks over a 72 hour period.

Fight breaks out between opposing protests in Portland - Daily Mail
Lisa Cabrera
1,316 Views · 4 years ago

Four people were arrested amid the violence on Saturday, which broke out when the pro-Trump group's scheduled march encountered an opposing group associated with a second nearby rally. Neither rally was directly related to President Donald Trump's immigration policy, which drew peaceful protests elsewhere in Portland and across the country on Saturday. Police said four people were transported to area hospitals by ambulance, three with non serious injuries and one with a serious but non-life threatening injury. One police officer also suffered what was believed to be a non-serious and non-life-threatening injury as a result of being struck by a projectile.

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Rant:  Comment Section Please!
Lisa Cabrera
1,310 Views · 4 years ago

The trolls hate black YT comment sections.

I Have Bronchitis Family
Lisa Cabrera
373 Views · 4 years ago

Many sinus infection has become bronchitis.

Michael Jackson's surprise appearance on Arsenio Hall
Lisa Cabrera
338 Views · 4 years ago

Michael Jackson makes a surprise appearance on Arsenio Hall to give Eddie Murphy an award

Terrorizing or Policing?
Lisa Cabrera
644 Views · 4 years ago

SMH: Chicago Cop Tells Man He “Kills Mother Fuckers”
Lisa Cabrera
390 Views · 4 years ago

SMH: Chicago Cop Tells Man He “Kills Mother Fuckers”

Very rare Michael Jackson interview (1987)  | 60 Minutes Australia
Lisa Cabrera
421 Views · 4 years ago

In Michael Jackson's first major TV interview for the decade he chose Australia's 60 Minutes to present it exclusively in preference to competing networks from around the world.

For forty years, 60 Minutes have been telling Australians the world’s greatest stories. Tales that changed history, our nation and our lives. Reporters Liz Hayes, Allison Langdon, Tara Brown, Charles Wooley, Liam Bartlett and Tom Steinfort look past the headlines because there is always a bigger picture. Sundays are for 60 Minutes.

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See My Latest Video On Black Junction
Lisa Cabrera
799 Views · 4 years ago


They Can't Live Without Melanated People
Lisa Cabrera
1,289 Views · 4 years ago

Rotted Crops & Economic Loss without Melanated People

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