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Black Main Street
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⁣A Lincoln, Nebraska man is behind bars and charged with a hate crime after he chased a woman with a chainsaw outside of her apartment complex.

Black Junction TV
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Answering some FAQs about Black Junction

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Black Main Street
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In 1963, more than a dozen Black girls, between the ages of 12-15, were arrested and locked in a dilapidated stockade for two months without charges. Their crime: demonstrating for integration in Americus, Georgia.

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Black Main Street
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For black people during segregation, being refused service while traveling was a common experience. Read the story: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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Taurean Reign
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Philadelphia white woman beaten by NJ police. Really listen to what she is saying in the video

Black Main Street
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This past year has seen an enormous amount of attention paid to the toxic divide between police departments and the poor, black communities they serve. One thing we’ve learned is that tribal loyalty often prevents police officers from criticizing each other or their departments publicly—and at least sometimes, they lie when one of their own faces charges of misconduct. That’s why the recent emergence of Michael Wood Jr., a retired Baltimore cop, as a critic of law enforcement culture landed with impact: His voice was the relatively rare one that spoke with the knowledge of an insider but the unforgiving skepticism of an outsider.

In this video, you’ll meet Wood while he drives the streets of the city where he served as a police officer for 11 years, and hear him lay out his conception of what’s going wrong in the world of policing and how it could be made right.

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