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Will Smith's mother speaks about son's first Oscar, stage confrontation
Black Global Village
137 Views · 3 months ago

Carolyn Smith is beaming with pride after her superstar son Will Smith finally won an Oscar."I know how he works, how hard he works...I've been waiting and waiting and waiting. When I heard the name, I was just, 'Yes!'" said the actor's mother in an exclusive interview .On Hollywood's biggest night, she got up early and was the first to send a text on the family's special group chat."I started out saying, 'Good morning, we've got to say good luck to Uncle Will," Carolyn Smith recalled.But no one would have predicted how Hollywood's biggest night would unfold.As the Smith family gathered in their family home in the suburbs of Philadelphia, the actor's mother, sisters and others dressed up and gathered around the TV to watch their hero.

Will Smith’s Oscar Outburst Sparks Fiery Role Model Debate  In UK
Black Global Village
9 Views · 3 months ago

We should be talking about the fact that Will Smith won his first ever Oscar on Sunday night, but instead his success has been overshadowed by the fact he slapped comedian Chris Rock in the face during the live awards ceremony. The incident won’t be forgotten in Oscars history, but can megastar and now Oscar-winning Will Smith still be a role model? Former Met Police Officer Ali Hassan Ali and Broadcaster Zeze Millz, discuss.

Tiffany Haddish CHECKS rude reporter while defending  Will Smith
Black Global Village
69 Views · 3 months ago

Tiffany Haddish gives her support to Will Smith after he slaps Chris Rock during the Oscars at the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, hosted by Radhika Jones at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock onstage after joke at wife Jada Pinkett Smith's expense
Black Global Village
7 Views · 3 months ago

When Will Smith marched onto the Oscars stage and smacked Chris Rock, the unpredictable moment served as a jarring interruption to Hollywood's feel-good celebration.But once Smith returned moments later to accept his first-ever Academy Award, he delivered a tearful apology for an act sure to overshadow his milestone achievement.

The family of a teen killed after a fall have hired an attorney
Black Global Village
9 Views · 3 months ago

⁣Family of teen who fell to his death from Orlando thrill ride hires high-profile attorneys

White Royal Visit Sparks Modern Day Slavery Debate In Jamaica
Black Global Village
6 Views · 3 months ago

People give their opinions over controversal visit from white british royals.

King of Jamaican Maroons Arrested PROTESTING British Royals Visit
Black Global Village
7 Views · 3 months ago

: Prince William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge touched down at Kingston's Norman Manley International Airport on Tuesday to a warm welcome by dignitaries. It's part of their Caribbean tour to mark the 70th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. But there were earlier protests calling for an apology from the British for slavery and reparation for the people of Jamaica. One protest in trench town known as the birth place of the Rastafarian movement as well as the birthplace of Bob Marley saw controversal photos of the white royals shaking hands of jamaicans through acage before playing a soccer game which was then interrupted by LA Lewis hereditary leader of the jamaican maroons famous for fighting the british army during slavery under the leadership of the three great maroon leaders the most famous outside of jamaica being queen nanny. The social media and entertainer who tried to meet the white royals was ushered away and arrested.

No White colonial dogs, Jamaicans protest against uk royal visit you didnt see
Rain Protests and Bootlicking.Disaster for Royal Visit In Bahamas
Black Global Village
15 Views · 3 months ago

Will and kate face more PR disaster in the last leg of their visit as it rains with showers the moment they arrived on the island as well as protests despite attempts by the government to hide it and a sickening display of bootlicking....

William and Kate cancel trip on Caribbean tour after protest from Belize villagers
Black Global Village
14 Views · 3 months ago

William and Kate have cancelled a major engagement planned for the start of their Caribbean tour after villagers staged a protest over the royals' visit.The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were due to tour a cacao farm in Belize during the first full day of their tour on Sunday, but the event has now been removed from the schedule by their office.

Royals NOT welcomed in Jamaica
Black Global Village
11 Views · 3 months ago

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been accused of benefitting from the 'blood, tears and sweat' of slaves as they arrived in Jamaica. There have been protests demanding reparations from the British monarchy for their role in the slave trade.

We DONT BOW DOWN TO WITE PEOPLE Jamaica protests during royal visit
Black Global Village
20 Views · 3 months ago

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have landed in Jamaica on a visit to boost ties with Commonwealth countries. Jamaicans protested in front of the British High Commission in Kingston just hours before Prince William and Kate arrived.

Protests  in Belize During William and Kate’s Royal Tour of the Caribbean
Black Global Village
12 Views · 3 months ago

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have kicked off their Royal Tour of the Caribbean, mired in controversy, with locals protesting William's role in a so called 'colonial legacy of theft'. There have been chaotic scenes - not what the family needed - just months after Barbados cut ties with the Monarchy.

The Black British Grandmother Who Has Been On Death Row For 20 Years | Good Morning Britain
Black Global Village
6 Views · 3 months ago

'British Grandma On Death Row with Susanna Reid' Susanna Reid travels to Texas to tell the story of the only British woman on death row anywhere in the western world, Linda Carty, who has spend almost 20 years on death row after being convicted of the murder of young mum Joanna Rodriguez so she could steal Joanna's newborn son, Ray. Joanna was kidnapped, suffocated to death and found in the boot of Linda's car. Linda claims she is innocent.

Protests in Jamaica OVER Royal Visit
Black Global Village
11 Views · 3 months ago

Jamaica News Today.

America's Black upper class - Rich, successful and empowered
Black Global Village
7 Views · 3 months ago

In the United States, African-Americans are more likely to live in poverty than any other ethnic group. But despite the country’s institutional racism, a Black elite has found success, thanks to a combination of entrepreneurial thinking and intensive networking within the Black community.

America is home to the biggest group of wealthy, highly successful Black people in the world. One in 50 African-American families are millionaires.

Property developer Don Peebles is one of the richest and most powerful businessmen in America. Nicknamed the "Black Trump”, he comes from a working-class background. His estimated net worth is 700 million dollars.

In Atlanta Georgia, the famous and successful real estate agent Tahlia Diaz Brown invites other successful Black businesspeople to a huge party at the city’s most fashionable club. It’s an opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs to network, strike deals and celebrate their success.
In Texas, Psyche Terry and her husband have created a cosmetics empire. They’re invited to every charity event in Dallas. The Buy Black Movement fosters community business and even has its own Black Amazon.

Should Biracial People Be Considered Black?
Black Global Village
8 Views · 3 months ago

Tammi and her guests will debate if biracial people should be considered Black. Plus, a lot more.

Black Schoolgirl's 'Traumatic' Strip Search Sparks Passionate Racism Debate
Black Global Village
3 Views · 3 months ago

In the uk a Black schoolgirl was strip-searched by white Metropolitan Police officers while on her period after being wrongly suspected of carrying cannabis, a report has found. The “traumatic” search took place at the girl’s London school without another adult present. The report concluded that the strip search should never have happened, was unjustified and racism “was likely to have been an influencing factor”. People at the school allowed this to happen, so are Black children safe in school?

Family Demand Justice for Laneal Frazier, uncle to girl who filmed George Floyd murder
Black Global Village
7 Views · 4 months ago

It’s been 8 months since Laneal Frazier, uncle to Darnella Frazier, was killed in a crash from the police pursuit of a carjacking and robbery suspect by Officer Brian Cummings, who was driving nearly 80 miles per hour. Family and community call for justice for Laneal on what would have been his 41st birthday last week at the 4th precinct, and are demanding accountability to Officer Cummings.

Jussie Smollett's family furious after he's sentenced to 5 months in jail
Black Global Village
18 Views · 4 months ago

Jussie Smollett's brothers insist he is innocent and was telling the truth about the victim of a violent attack, and are furious that he has being sentenced to prison after being convicted of lying.

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