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Coture Conversations



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White People are in Love with Racism
Gee Dizzle
308 Views · 4 years ago

Talking about the one thing that a lot of white people absolutely love the most in life.


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Artwalk - JAX
Jen Lo Assassin
199 Views · 4 years ago

Happy Mother's Day to all! This is a recap of a spectacular event! I had a great time at the Jacksonville Beach 'Art Walk'! So many creative people in one place. To see people actually creating their crafts on site was amazing and I had to share this experience with everyone! This event is the 2nd Tuesday of each month! Be sure to click the link below to their Facebook page!

Jen Lo Assassin Actress, model, singer, event host and more Email: 470-377-3134 Facbook: Jen Lo Assassin Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: JenLoAssassin Website: Visit my Second Chance page to see my testimony and see positive stories and others testimonies. Feel free to inbox your testimony!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the music in this video!

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