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Man in custody after Highland Park 4th of July Parade mass shooting
Shala Yisrael
5 Views · 1 day ago

A 22-year-old man is in custody after six people were killed and dozens were hospitalized in a shooting at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park. A manhunt for the alleged gunman lasted over eight hours.

she saying what needs to be said and not enough
12 Views · 17 hours ago

she didnt say enough

u ask for it u got u got it toyota or inthis case bullet wholla
4 Views · 17 hours ago

when your kids are rased wrong the streets wont raise them but kill them

Mysterious Things Caught On Camera In Church | REACTION
LionnessontheRise Lioness144
7 Views · 13 hours ago

Mysterious Things Caught On Camera In Church | REACTION

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This the record that made us all fans of JID. It was only right that we double back and pick the bones!!!

Let us know your favorite (1, 2, 3, or 4)!

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Jayland Walker investigation: Akron officials hold briefing after deadly police shooting
The True Royal Family
11 Views · 2 days ago

WARNING: Images and video will contain disturbing and graphic content.

Nearly one week after the deadly shooting of 25-year-old Jayland Walker, city officials from Akron will gather at 1 p.m. today for a press conference.

During the press conference, Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan and Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett will release further details of the shooting that occurred on Monday, June 27 as well as the bodycam footage from the shooting.

Prior to the press conference, Chief Mylett is set to meet with the Walker family to allow them to review the footage before the media and public see it.

Over the past few days, family, friends, pastors and the public have taken to the streets of Akron demanding justice for Walker as they all ask the question of "why?"

On Friday, 3News Investigates spoke with the Walker family attorney Robert DiCello who has already viewed the bodycam footage.

"It's difficult to watch," DiCello said. "I'm here because the family wants me to tell Northeast Ohio, please do not meet violence with violence. The family doesn't want a violent reaction, they just want peace, dignity and justice for Jayland."

Walker's family members have been encouraging the public to remain peaceful at this time.

READ: https://www.wkyc.com/article/n....ews/local/akron/foot

"Truly Biblical" Swarms of Giant Cannibalistic Mormon Crickets Strike from Montana to Neva
LionnessontheRise Lioness144
7 Views · 4 days ago

- Driving down a windy canyon road in northern Oregon rangeland, Jordan Maley and April Aamodt are on the look out for Mormon crickets, giant insects that can ravage crops.

“There’s one right there,” Aamodt says.

They’re not hard to spot. The insects, which can grow larger than 2 inches (5 centimeters), blot the asphalt.

Mormon crickets are not new to Oregon. Native to western North America, their name dates back to the 1800s, when they ruined the fields of Mormon settlers in Utah. But amidst drought and warming temperatures — conditions favored by the insects — outbreaks across the West have worsened.

Learn More: https://strangesounds.org/2022..../06/biblical-swarms-

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heres somethig u niggas should  feel good about
12 Views · 5 days ago

⁣if you don't want to hear the truth of whats wrong with black people and why we can't break out of this funk esp in amerika , then this aint for you . go back and get spoon fed the bullshit that makes you feel good on some other site that has so called black people afraid to tell the truth lest they lose followers. our biggest enemy is niggas that look like us , but dont think like black people

R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison for sex trafficking and racketeering
The True Royal Family
9 Views · 6 days ago

Singer R. Kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison. He was convicted last year of racketeering and eight counts of sex trafficking. Criminal defense lawyer Paul Batista and CBS News national correspondent Jericka Duncan break down Wednesday's sentencing.

#news #rkelly #newyork

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whatever it is  it is ok thats what it is
10 Views · 7 days ago

⁣whatever it is, it is , ok ? thats what it is. i'm tired of telling you the same thing

P.B.T. - M.O.T #173 Is The American Experiment Failing ?
27 Views · 7 days ago

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Most People Don't Realize What's Coming
LionnessontheRise Lioness144
4 Views · 8 days ago

You won't believe how deep this rabbit hole goes..

In this video, i sit down with author Darrin Geisinger and ask him to tell us about his book and why it's relevant to our strange times. Find out more about Darrin and his book Zero G's here - https://darringeisinger.com/

#mystery #history #interview

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Louisiana Woman Killed By Her Ex Because She Didn't Want Him Anymore.
Shala Yisrael
16 Views · 7 days ago

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Devil Spawned Pedophiles, Psychos and Deceitful YouTubers That Got Arrested
Shala Yisrael
9 Views · 7 days ago

Today we'll look at 100 YouTubers accused of breaking the law.

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This video is for documentary, educational, and scientific purposes.

black people the expendable race everywhere and nobody cares
8 Views · 8 days ago

⁣black people , the expendable race everywhere and nobody cares

u do it to yourself , there's noone else to blame
7 Views · 9 days ago

this wouldn't happen as much if mothers started being mothers again and raise their girls to stay out of the street and have some dignity about themselves, and that there is no reason a woman with kids should be out in the world at all times of early morning or late night

somebody got our back and they black thats all we care about
9 Views · 9 days ago

dont depend on these type niggas to do no more than film and fight each other

warch your back africa
8 Views · 10 days ago

watch your back africa

this is when your mouth says what your mind actually thinks
14 Views · 10 days ago

of course the bitch will say its a mistake and a lot of u will say its ok she didnt mean it

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